Dog owners in Britain must cause the animal microchip

British authorities have ordered dog owners for three years pets implant microchips containing information about the animal and contact its owners, said on Wednesday the BBC Television and Radio Broadcasting Corporation.

The relevant amendments to the law on the protection of animals will come into force in April 2016. On that date, the owners of dogs without microchips will be forced to pay a fine of 500 pounds.

The authorities want to reduce the costs of the lost or discarded animals. Every year on the streets are about a hundred thousand four-legged "friends of man." Their maintenance cost taxpayers and charities in 57 million pounds per year.

Also, authorities hope that the new rules will prosecute those owners whose dogs attack people. Over the last year in England there were about three thousand cases of attacks on domestic dogs postmen. BBC BBC said that if the dog protects property owners from thieves, the owners will not bring charges.

The operation to implant microchips cost of dog lovers in the 20-30 pounds.

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