Dolphins have found a common language with people

Dolphins have found a common language with peopleJudging by the results of a study published in the journal Acta Astronautica, Dolphins confirmed that beings are considered to be the most advanced intelligence of all the animal world.

Captive dolphins have long learned to respond to commands in exchange for compensation in the form of fresh fish. However, in the framework of the "wild dolphin" in the town of Jupiter (Florida) was the first to join biologists in two-way communication with the inhabitants of wildlife. "Many scientists are trying to communicate with dolphins, using fish as a reward. But rarely ask themselves dolphins to communicate with us," — Daily Mail quoted the head of the research team.

Dr. Denise Hertsing his assistants developed a primitive form of communication, language units which are the sounds and visual symbols. The technical basis of the experiment was a special underwater keyboard, consisting of balloon-keys with symbols depicted on them and connected to the signal system of whistles of different pitch. Through this props dolphins and humans have the ability to send messages to each other.

For example, when a dolphin nose pressed a key, the researchers were thrown into the water matches the character objects. If the dolphin preferred sound appropriate tone of each key, then we get the desired item and without tampering with the keyboard.

For three years, biologists have spent 40 half-hour sessions of this educational game. Researchers have noted that the greatest pleasure of interactive communication received young females. Dolphins, males are not so eager to go to the contact with people. Dr. Hertsing explains, that females prefer to give time games until they swallow brood care.

Hertsing also drew attention to the obvious social trends in the behavior of the dolphins. So particularly successful session checkered biologists after they swam side by side with dolphins, establishing eye contact with them and trying to imitate their movements.

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