Double threat in the form of tropical cyclones for the South East Asia

Close to the northern part of the Philippines and about. Taiwan was formed under the name of the next typhoon Dzhelavat. As the power of the system has increased significantly, a typhoon was granted the status of "supertyphoon."

By the beginning of the week the wind speed in the system reached 130 knots (234 km / h), but in order to get the meteorological supertyphoon status, must hold the typhoon wind speed of 130 knots at the surface of the water at least a minute. Dzhelavat confirmed his status for this indicator.
Eye of the Typhoon is 696 km east of Manila, the Philippine capital. Dzhelavat moving to the northwest at a speed of 8 km / h At low speeds on dry land falls much more rainfall, and if the wind is blowing so strong wind, the passage of the typhoon on inhabited islands into a real catastrophe, which is the east coast of the Philippines has felt. By the second half of the week will bring rain and a typhoon on the island. Taiwan.
Off the coast of Japan at about the same time formed another cyclone — Eviniar. He is much weaker Dzhelavata and has the status of a small tropical storm centered at 1600 km south of Tokyo. First anticipated strengthening of the system, but even with this outlook is no danger to the islands of Japan and other parts of the land, he is not.


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