Drought in the United States: the worst in half a century

U.S. is facing the worst drought in half a century. Report of the National Center for Climate Research and Statistics shows that the last time America experienced such a disaster in 1956 55% of the continental United States has been in the danger zone. Moreover, 80% of the country established dry weather. From an economic point of view, the most affected agriculture. In its report for July USDA predicts that global wheat production will drop by 6 million 700 thousand tons. Speaking specifically about America, here in the first place under attack corn and soybeans.The ministry was forced to lower the outlook for maize production from 14.79 to 12.97 billion bushels. The previous record for the collection of maize was established in 2009, then America has collected 1.13 billion bushels of this crop.

Source: vestifinance.ru.

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