Droughts and floods in Brazil

In Brazil, in two regions of the state of emergency. In one it is caused by drought in the other — the flooding.

The strongest in 30 years drought continues in the north-east. She caused the death of the harvest, and also forced local authorities to limit the consumption of water and declare a state of emergency in 266 districts.

Many lakes have dried up. Thousands of families have to travel miles to get to the source of fresh water. Farmers say their animals are killed because animals have nothing to feed and water.

Local authorities say that the problem of drought is a constant problem for the region. According to forecasters natural disaster in the region, could last until October.

Meanwhile, in the north-western Brazil in the Amazon forest started strong in the last few years flood. Here, the authorities announced a state of emergency in 36 districts. Many local people were cut off from the outside world. They remain in their homes, waiting for the water level drops quickly. Some are building superstructure of boards, but they say that in the case of new rain and these structures can be submerged.

In this region of tropical forests flooding is not uncommon, but this year the water rose to a record level.

According to the Brazilian authorities, to help victims of the disaster will require at least U.S. $ 5.5 million, however, it is expected that these funds will go towards the end of June.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television

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