Due to a fire in Arizona evacuated 5000 people

Over the past day fire area in Arizona has grown, the fire rises to the border of the neighboring state of New Mexico. The sky was clouded with smoke, thick shroud prevents movement on the roads, but the main threat to the health of local residents. They were advised not to go out. For more than a week of fighting the fire two thousand firefighters, but the wind and drought reduce their efforts to naught. According to the authorities of Arizona, is one of the biggest disasters in the history of the state. Natural disaster is minimal. For ten days the fire has destroyed 11 buildings, data on casualties or injuries were reported.

From the area of the disaster evacuated about five thousand. The next step — the inhabitants of the village border with Arizona Moon in New Mexico. According to eyewitnesses, the smoke is still severely limits visibility. Warning about the sharp air pollution remain in force in six districts of Arizona and New Mexico.

Strong wind and low humidity are hampering efforts to stop the fire and locate fire, which has become the third in the second largest disaster in the history of Arizona.

Source: vesti.ru.

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