Each region of China — its a disaster

Residents of several Chinese provinces experienced the vagaries of nature. In the north-west of the country in mid-May unexpectedly returned winter.

The temperature dropped to minus 8 degrees, some areas at the mercy of the snowstorm. The green fields of wheat powder with snow, and the streets turned into a skating rink. From the roofs of houses overhang 20-centimeter icicles, and the trees were covered with ice. Is not it easier situation in the eastern region, which showered the size of a walnut.

Emergency lasted only a minute, but in that time have been broken glass hail dozen cars. As reported by the Chinese news agency, in Hunan province, in central China, the bridge collapsed. Rescuers have already arrived on the scene and are trying to establish the number of victims. Last weekend, the area was badly damaged by heavy rains. According to the local authorities, the heavy rains have flooded more than three and a half million homes, forcing the evacuation of disaster area population.

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