Earth's ice cap has reached the minimum

Area of the ice cap at the North Pole of the planet this summer shrank to a record low in the history of satellite observations. In 1975, when the glaciers have measured for the first time, their area of eight million square kilometers, and now only four. This August Arctic daily becoming smaller by 75,000 kilometers. At this rate, it can and does melt. But scientists give pessimistic forecasts do not hurry.

Fry Arctic summer. About plus five returned northern birds, and the ocean is full of puppies. Puppies — is a professional term. Call these little ice otherwise the scientists do not dare. Unusual heat sinks ice. In the images can be seen from space: instead of endless ice desert — open water. And the Northern Sea Route unusually clear.

"The sea route begins in Murmansk. You see, everything is free, the Kara Sea — free, Laptev Sea — Free "- show map ice sailors.

A total of four million square kilometers of ice — is five times less than it was at the beginning of XX century. Surprised even the polar bears. They are already using the arctic ice floes, as comfortable boats to escape the summer season with the New Earth. This year, the last great ice bears missed.

"They are gone. And we were just in shock and horror. I would not say that they were full of lousy right, but we are always taken by Two Smoking Barrels "- recognized senior fellow ice conditions and forecasts of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Andrew Tyuryakov.

With normal for experts in ice heat, they discuss the latest pictures of the expedition. Species are unusual, but the reasons are clear. Just this year in the Arctic was really warm.

"Common cause — global warming in the 1990s. If we compare the curves of the air temperature and the melting of the ice, they are the same "- sums up the head of department of ocean-atmosphere interaction of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Heinrich Alekseev.

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It's just a noise weather, scientists say. It just so happened, summer was warm. In general, a period of global warming, which spoke with delight philistines and even scientists, frightened terrible floods, tsunamis, flooding much of Europe and drought in Siberia, because of which the public would have to travel across countries and continents, now, it is clear ends. At the end of the nineties occurred peaks of two normal periods of warming — two hundred and sixty. Apocalypse now canceled.

"The temperature will be reduced, postponed the question of the future flow, no terrible abnormalities can not be expected" — predicts a leading researcher of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute Zalman Gudkovich.

There are even advantages — no ice would facilitate the work of drilling platforms in the ocean, would open for the courts the best way from Murmansk to Japan and Southeast Asia. But even in this hot, the Northern Sea Route is not completely free of ice. In Chukotka region did not pass without icebreakers. And in the future icebreakers also still useful.

Does the global warming of the cooling or vice versa, in the middle latitudes it is still not visible. Weather makes the Arctic and Antarctic. And that is where climate change is most visible. The current extreme ice melting is likely farewell curtsy ended warming. Scientists believe the next year the Arctic Ocean will turn back into the white icy wilderness.

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