Earth prepares humanity new trial

Earth prepares humanity new trialThe catastrophic earthquake that struck on March 11 off the northeast coast of Japan has caused many weak (less than 3 magnitude) earthquakes around the world, reports Livescientist.

They were mostly recorded in seismic regions — in the Taiwan area, the Aleutian Islands, in Canada, in the U.S. states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California. Much more interesting for experts was the fact that the Japanese cataclysm caused aftershocks where nothing like previously observed, such as Cuba. Aftershocks were also reported in areas where earthquakes happen, but with very small magnitudes — in the outskirts of Beijing and the central United States.

As stated by a seismologist from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Justin Rubinstein, the central regions of the U.S. are considered to be, in general, a seismically quiet area, but the earthquake in Japan led to "wake up" as well. After the quake in the Tohoku earthquake were reported in Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota — in some states, according to Rubinstein, the first time. Seismologists hope that observations of these processes will give them new information about the Earth's seismic activity.

Recall, March 11, at the north-eastern coast of Japan was the strongest in the country's history magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami. Killed more than 14 thousand people, nearly 15 thousand are missing.

The earthquake caused several man-made disasters, the largest of which was the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1". Consequences of the accident could not be eliminated so far.

Last week, the USGS experts said that strong aftershocks, magnitude greater than six, and sometimes seven, will take place in Japan in the next ten years. This is explained by the fact that the March earthquake increased the stress on the faults in the northern and southern parts of the Japan Trench — basins in the Pacific Ocean off the east coast of the country

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