On Saturday 89? Old Camping, who claimed that the Apocalypse will come May 21, 2011 and see hundreds of people in the world, was gone. He was not at home or at work. Last person to see the hapless prophet — the employees of his radio. On Friday, they were all designed and laid off "due to the end of the world."

It should be noted that not only Camping priest, but also a very successful businessman. He owns a radio company Family Radio, whose assets are estimated at about $ 100 million. From Saturday radio office is closed, although the staff on Monday came to work responsibly. Website Family Radio «dead», phone calls and knock on the front door Motor Home no one answers.

Camping has calculated that it is May 21 Earth will be destroyed by a series of earthquakes. While 200,000 elect believers "will be taken alive into heaven." Motor Home prophecy followers not troubled by the fact that a few years ago he wrote a book called "We're almost there." It appointed a preacher of the Apocalypse in 1994, but later revised the calculations.

Americans, according to USA TODAY, reacted to the prophecy Motor Home with great irony. However, Camping and his followers have put thousands of billboards and gave a lot of ads about the coming end of the world.

Calculating Friday employees Camping said he wanted to spend the remaining hours on earth with his family.

Show must go on

May 24 afternoon, Mr. Camping is still stopped hiding, and said half-hour speech, broadcast on television and on the radio. "I honestly do not understand why the end of the world did not happen. All the evidence, all the signs are all fit. I prayed, I asked God, why is not the Apocalypse comes? Did not understand. I think 21? May was an invisible judgment day. As for the end of the world, it will come on October 21 this year. " This is the third date of the end, confidently predicted a motorhome. Unfortunately, in his speech, Camping did not say whether it will work again fired on the occasion of its employees of the Apocalypse Radio.

Source: http://www.infox.ru/science/fake/2011/05/24/Pryedskazatyel_konca.phtml