Earthly disasters threaten to destroy life on Earth

Over 4.5 billion years of the planet's surface were always certain, fairly complex chemical and physical processes that shaped the atmosphere, the origin of life, organized plants and animals. All these processes were slow, stretching for millions of years.

And now, apparently, we live — earthlings — and nothing to grieve. But no such luck.Every year the number of natural disasters. After eighty years of the twentieth century, their number has increased three-fold.And today it does not make sense to complain that increased the population of the planet, which in the years of stagnation we proceeding with any reason, just do not talk about these issues that journalists have begun to work better, no …The number of accidents has increased quite real, and there has been a very strange trend: geophysical disasters — volcanic eruptions or earthquakes — virtually no growth, while tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and they cause the disaster increased several times.According to statistics, over the past ten years of our poor and plagued the planet there were record number of natural disasters.The most terrible of them, if you look in terms of the number of victims and the extent of the devastation are hurricanes and tornadoes, of which the last fifty years have killed more than two million people.What is a tornado, which is in the northern hemisphere so afraid of?Tornado is an atmospheric vortex, which occurs in storm clouds and extends down to the ground in a cloud or trunk hose, which has a diameter of up to hundreds of meters. Formed inside the cone air constantly rises, simultaneously rotating, so they create a region with a highly rarefied air.The vacuum is sometimes so strong that the items are inside a closed, gas-filled trunk can explode from the inside.Is still very difficult to determine the speed of the air inside the funnel. According to assumptions, it can reach 1500 km / h The very same funnel to move at an average speed of 60 km / h Scientists were able to calculate that the energy of the usual whirlwind or tornado is comparable with the energy of an atomic bomb, such as the one that was blown up in New Mexico.In the U.S., where most tornadoes in a year they formed the nearest thousand.Fifth, the highest category assigned tornado Katrina, which took about two thousand lives, left in the open air over a million inhabitants, almost completely destroyed New Orleans, inundated neighboring towns.A year earlier, on another tornado hit America — Ivan — has a fourth category. He appeared with the Small Antilles archipelago, where no one was waiting. In Jamaica, he gained the fifth degree.But the most frightening is not their categories, and the frequency with which they began to appear. In 2011, for the spring months were counted more than 1,300 tornadoes, whereas before, for the whole year they could count up to a thousand.Russia safer in question tornadoes. It is a geographical position that hurricanes and tornadoes in the territory have destructive power, such as in the U.S..The last tornado went through the territory of Russia in the city of Blagoveshchensk by blowing cars and big trucks.And in October 2010, a tornado went through the southern parts of the country, resulting in the city of Sochi, he threw a big boat on land, in the Kuban run aground riverboat.What makes a tornado to appear more and more often, leaving behind death and destruction?Scientists do very disappointing forecasts: in the next fifty years, the number of tornadoes will double, and increase their strength. Above all, will expand and the area of their occurrence: no country, which until now has been in the bag, do not be left out.What is the cause of such predictions?Scientists believe that the factor of more frequent occurrence of tornadoes and hurricanes is in his nature man-made: it depends on the climate change, namely, because of the increased atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases.Nobody can guess what the consequences will bring death and destruction following a tornado.When breaking down the country, on which the hurricanes and tornadoes, by force of destruction, giving them a five-point category, the U.S. will get a solid top five.A few years ago in the state of Missouri residents have witnessed an unusual spectacle: a tornado had such power that literally sucked a little river.Usually in the U.S. for tornadoes and tornado once a forest fire, preceded by firestorm.American and British scientists and researchers from other parts of the world, have created an international alliance, which set out to explore the extreme weather events, the causes of which can be attributed to global warming.According to the Alliance, it is now unacceptable to claim that natural disasters are just "meet" climate change. Currently, scientists are going to thoroughly evaluate each of the abnormal weather phenomena from the point of view of the possibility that it was caused by the global rise in temperature, which is observed in the last century.Implement it probably would be difficult, as science, "explains" the weather is still at an early stage of its development, and it is likely the conclusions that will be made will be subject to attack, "skeptics" who question even the insignificant relationship between rising world temperatures and industrial emissions of carbon dioxide.Today more and more scientists who are studying climate, taking a more active role in his assertion that the climate has changed so much that it can affect the occurrence of extreme weather events, whether it's a tornado, an extraordinary flood, hurricane, or a destructive drought.It has become abundantly clear that the current climate change means that atmospheric moisture content has increased dramatically, and now there is a danger of a destructive tornadoes and hurricanes, floods and eruptions.Today, Interstate Committee for Climate Change Studies loudly warned world leaders that they must be prepared for a stronger and more frequent extreme weather events due to global warming. It is possible that in the near future, a number of the region turned into uninhabitable places.Recently, the Committee on Climate Change met in Kampala, Uganda, which was a special report, which focused on global warming and extreme weather events. For the first time in history a group of experts will discuss the challenges associated with such global factors, such as tornadoes, heat-waves, floods, hurricanes. All of them are much more dangerous than the slow rise in the average temperature of the planet.However, experts are not able to come to a consensus about what kind of natural phenomena is the most dangerous, but that is probably not particularly relevant, because every natural disaster — is lost lives, destroyed homes and huge damage.Unable to them and find ways to deal with natural disasters …It turns out that this is a common phenomenon as the tornado is still a mystery, which is almost impossible to study, you can not predict where and when it originated. And no matter how scientists raced to their laboratories for a whirlwind or tornado, trying to ambush them, but these mobile laboratories are easily destroyed at the approach of a tornado, so you can not explore it from the inside.The best that scientists can do — to photograph and measure data from a distance.And when you consider that global warming continues, it is impossible to predict what will happen to our planet in a hundred years, two hundred, will it exist, or natural disasters wipe out from the face of the earth our cities, destroy people …


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