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Two days of earthquakes in Almaty stirred not only the residents of the city and its suburbs, but also the whole country.

Chronicle of Events

1 May, 8.31 Astana time, there was the initial impetus magnitude of 5.4. Its epicenter was located at a depth of 20 kilometers east of the southern capital. Many Almaty residents felt pretty real push.

According to residents, swinging chandeliers, staggered cabinets, even in an apartment on the first floor. Some witnesses said they heard the roar before the earthquake.

Immediately after the first push my colleagues — Correspondent — contact the Department of Emergency Almaty. The ministry confirmed the information about the strength of the earthquake. The epicenter was located 75 kilometers north-east of Almaty. "Information about the victims, the victims or damage were reported," — told us in CSR. Later in the MES RK stated that the strength of shock was 4 points.

As the aftershocks occurred during the holidays, most of the media did not work. Almaty residents were excited by the fact they did not know where to draw the information. So loudly discussed the incident on the Internet — on blogs, social networks and e-mail. Someone asked an online buddy, how to behave during an earthquake, and many were given tips:

"The noise is strange — this fall of stones in the mountains, we end up with a sound first, then the seismic waves. So when you hear that noise, it's better to go out "(the user Back 2011-05-01 09:31).

These shocks were not long in coming. Two earthquakes occurred in 09.05 and 10.07. The epicenter of the second shock at the depth of 23 kilometers, 76 kilometers north-east of Almaty, and 38 kilometers from Yoshiko. Its magnitude was 4.0. The epicenter of the earthquake was the third at a depth of one kilometer, 73 km north-east of Almaty. At this time the magnitude was slightly less — 3.2.

"In Taldykorgan aftershocks were magnitude 3.5. In cities Issyk, Kapshagai and Tekeli Almaty region registered an earthquake of magnitude 2.3. Information on casualties or damage were reported, "- reported

People were scared. After the regular jolts Internet "explode" from the messages — people shared what felt and what is being done.

"I live 70 kilometers from Almaty, yet escaped down to the first floor, so that children take the stairs down, and houses more Baby, it was terrible, my wife is still shaking, shaking the floor walked" (user Baurzhan 05/01/2011 10 : 13).

"There was a strong buzz, thought her daughter, as often happens, the car rides. Chandelier is not staggered, the house began to shake, we ran into the street, shouting to her husband, an earthquake! When the street went into the house, staggering chandelier … "(user Nina 05/01/2011 10:33).

"Yeah, but our people are quite relaxed in our yard, only six people came out after these shocks on the street (probably the most timid). Lightly once we have people relate to the elements … "(user Oksana 01/05/2011 10:41).

"It is now 12.22 and woke all emergencies. What do they do? No communication alerts. So far, no messages in kazSMI. Where messages on cell communication, television, radio? All learn from Tmutarakan America. There already know everything, and we have nothing, probably, is not it? Apparently, waiting for instructions from the authorities, it is not willing to work according to his official duties and regulations "(the user al-Turk, 05/01/2011 12:47).

Was recorded after a series of earthquakes, with a break of a few hours. The people of the south-east of Kazakhstan, in the literal sense of panic. All included radio, television, but reports of emergency has been reported.

"I have just been on the site MES RK ( so there is even nothing about the earthquake! What is this mess?? When that happened, that was shaking more than twice? All my life I live in Almaty, never had so many shocks. Yes, even in such a short period of time. Land is unforgiving war and hate people to each other! Should pay for everything! Hold on! And be kind to others! (User Natalia 05.01.2011 17:24).

"Http:// Look, there is all the statistics of today's earthquake. Generally, you do not think that this is due to Kapshagay? Epicenter near him when the reservoir began to fill with water hard, it will shake and shake "(Victoria 05/01/2011 17:52).

"That's 17.39 again tryahanulo so that lamp swayed …" (Guldaray 01/05/2011 17:52).

"At around 8 pm started calling friends who have heard from friends who are friends with MOE staff, expected strong earthquake," word of mouth "is working! I believe that they do not have accurate data, there was never such that the coming earthquake can be found in advance, if it would have been so simple, the victims would have been much lower in countries that have experienced a major earthquake! This is all speculation, against what is now shaking 5-6. Allah alone knows how to be! People who do not give in to the panic and go to bed (Aija 05/02/2011 00:42).

From the comments it is clear that in the evening, and by that time had been 5.6 tangible impact, people have embraced real panic. Rumors filled the city and region. The townspeople called each other, the conversations were like this: "I am now called a relative, friend of her relatives work in emergencies. That is, they reported that the night will be a devastating earthquake. "And no one has heard first-hand, no one could tell who was spread this information, but it is lightning passed from mouth to mouth. Different time only — someone "told" that at 10 pm, the other, that in the "midnight", but no one doubted that the 12 points are inevitable.

It is worth noting that there was no official statement. But almost all of Almaty gathered in the bag warm clothes and food, left their apartment and stayed up late into the night with the children on the streets, in the courts, in the machines. Many people wrote in the comments that went to the city and giving to relatives — away from the high-rises.

At 22:00 I got a call from the office and was told that an urgent need to go to the Institute of Seismology. To be honest, I had already started to worry too much. While getting to the Institute, said that the streets are filled with people. Citizens met with tents, large bags.

According to my friends, chaos was also observed at gas stations and stores. Townspeople bought drinking water, food and fuel. They were expecting the worst consequences.

Around half an hour later I was in the building seysmoinstituta. Excitement was not observed, perhaps because we arrived one of the first from the media. Asked the director of the Institute of Seismology Tanatkana Abakanova tell "on camera" all that he knows.

According to him, the panic in the city began because of unnecessary rumors that spread rapidly. He said that the recent fluctuations show a decrease in seismic activity. A similar process is going to continue for some time, but the strength of aftershocks will decrease. Director of the institute also said that the reason for such a stir not. But calm residents were already hard. Here they wrote at the time in the comments:

"In any country, after all such incidents referred to in the media! In Almaty even feel the need to do this because a lot of people in this area say that should be taken seriously on this issue and we need money, but the government did not pay any attention to it "(the user Rafaela 2011-05-03 02:23).

May 2nd Deputy Chief CSR in Almaty Yuri Ilyin said that in 2011, in Almaty, 7-point earthquake is expected.

He noted that the 100-percent guarantee on earthquake prediction is one can not give. CSR representative said that they trust the Institute of Seismology in this regard. Seismologists in combination provide information, accurate to 70 percent. He noted that a working committee to get the predictions turned to psychics, to disseminate information about potential hazards. However, these do not respond to treatment.

In addition, Ilyin said that for Almaty threaten moraine lakes that are located near the city. However, he assured that they are being monitored in the spring exposed positions and works on water discharge. It is noted that an earthquake seven or eight points can lead to release of debris.

CSR representative also noted that in substations, gas distribution stations installed automatic. In the case of a six-point pushes it works, gas and light end. In conclusion, he urged citizens not to panic. May 1 they received more than 20,000 calls from the incident. Meanwhile, the medium-term outlook is published on the website of MOE. You can also find and week, but in case of a serious threat is sure to be given a separate warning. "

Meanwhile, Ilyin during the live broadcast on the channel "Khabar" admitted that they lost the information war to the earthquake, in particular, with distributors rumors. And the "word of mouth" of the Internet — vivid evidence. Today the city is back to regular life.

Author: Daniyar Bozova

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