Earthquake in China damaged 600 homes

Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 occurred in southern China on Tuesday, resulting in damage to more than 600 buildings, in varying degrees, affected tens of thousands of people, according to Xinhua, citing data from the local authorities. The earthquake occurred in the county Intszyan Yunnan. The epicenter was at a depth pushes 10 kilometers.

According to information from the region, the underground hit completely destroyed one house and led to the damage of another 677 buildings. As a result, on Tuesday night from the affected region were urgently evacuated to 64.5 thousand.

In the disaster area aimed humanitarian aid in the form of tents, blankets and rice.

In the tent city residents Intszyana will spend New Year's Eve — February 3, residents welcomed China Year of the Rabbit according to the lunar calendar, reports RIA "Novosti".

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