Earthquake in Myanmar: 60 people were killed and hundreds of homes destroyed

According to recent reports, the death toll in the earthquake in Myanmar has exceeded 60 people, 100 people have been injured, destroyed hundreds of homes.

"The death toll is increasing every hour as debris analysis. At the epicenter of the earthquake destroyed almost 300 buildings," — ITAR-TASS local representative of the local authorities.



A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred last night on the border of three countries — Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. Its epicenter was at a depth of 10 kilometers.

There are dead and Thailand. In the northern provinces of the kingdom destroyed dozens of homes, damaged power lines and telephone. Fairly strong aftershocks felt and residents of Bangkok, 800 kilometers from the epicenter. People ran in panic into the street.

Meanwhile, according to the Meteorological Department of Thailand, on Friday night there were six aftershocks. Experts believe that the seismological situation in the region is a consequence of the earthquake in Japan. Authorities urged residents not to panic, but to be ready to evacuate.


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