Earthquake in northern Italy. Photographic

An old clock tower in Finale Emilia collapsed in the earthquake May 20, 2012.

On Sunday, May 20, unusually strong earthquake struck northern Italy. Killed at least seven people, destroyed hundreds of structures, thousands of people were left homeless. An earthquake measuring 6.0 on the hearth, and a depth of 5 km happened after 4:00 am local time. In the affected region has a large number of historic churches, castles and towers, many of which were damaged or destroyed. People who have lost their homes, have found temporary shelter in tents erected on the football field. Meanwhile rescuers continue to search for survivors and make every effort to preserve historical artifacts.

Dust rises from the damaged building in San Felice sul Panaro, the province of Modena.

Rescuer approaching damaged City Hall in Sant'Agostino.

A resident of Sant'Agostino crying after one of the strongest earthquakes in Italy for hundreds of years.

Destroyed cars under rubble in Finale Emilia.

After an earthquake destroyed the old church of San Carlo.

Overturned shelves with parmesan cheese factory in San Giovanni in Persiceto.

Parmesan cheese factory in San Giovanni in Persiceto.

Firefighter stands next to a cross that fell from the roof of the church in Krevalkone, near Bologna.

A damaged building in Finale Emilia.

Police officers walk past the body of one of the victims who died in the earthquake in the ceramic factory in Sant 'Agostino.

Damaged silo at the plant in blizzards, between Modena and Ferrara.

Destroyed homes and debris littered the car in Ferrara.

People sitting in the car after the earthquake in Finale Emilia, 60 km east of Bologna.

Evacuee woman looks out of a car window in Sant'Agostino.

Statue of Jesus Christ in the debris of the old church of San Carlo.

Ruined church of San Carlo.

The destroyed city hall in Sant'Agostino.

Tent city in Finale Emilia.

Ada, who was evacuated from his damaged home, inside the tent in Finale Emilia.

A woman left homeless, kisses child in temporary housing in Finale Emilia.

The boy looks at the ruined old tower in Finale Emilia. Soon after, several aftershocks brought down the rest of the tower.

This product is scattered around the store in Finale Emilia.

Firefighters endure paintings from the demolished church of San Carlo, in the province of Modena.

Ruined a ceramic factory in Sant'Agostino.

Firefighter and dog climb into the wreckage of Sant'Agostino.

Destroyed buildings in Finale Emilia.

An elderly woman stands near her tent in Finale Emilia.

The wreckage of houses in Finale Emilia.

Woman treated to hot tea in a temporary camp in Finale Emilia.


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