Earthquake in south-east Asia

Earthquake in Burma: dozens killed

March 25, 16:48 MCK.Bolee 70 people were killed in an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 with the epicenter on the border of Thailand and Laos 110 kilometers from the city of Chiang Rai.

Authorities fear that the death toll could rise significantly.

Tremors were felt well over 800 miles from the epicenter, in the Thai capital Bangkok and Vietnamese capital — Hanoi.

Initially reported two aftershocks that occurred almost simultaneously, but later the U.S. Geological Survey explained that there was only one push.

The center of the earthquake was located in a relatively small 10-km depth.

Large-scale destruction

As Burma state radio announced the death toll at this time is at least 75 people, while the number of wounded exceeded 100.

The earthquake destroyed 244 buildings, damaged 14 Buddhist monasteries and nine government buildings.

Hardest hit by the disaster and the nearby city of Tachilek village in Shan State.

On the road was a large crack, rice fields are filled with water mixed with mud.

Burmese government newspaper also reported that in Tarlan hit 15 houses. Many roads, bridges, buildings and hospitals severely damaged.

"We are trying to reach the victims in remote areas — told one of the representatives of the authorities. — The military, police and rescue workers are making efforts to find the wounded, but many roads become impassable now. "

According to the correspondent of the BBC BBC Rachel Harvey in Bangkok, Burma ill-equipped to combat the effects of natural disasters.

Communication system and infrastructure are poorly developed, and the military authorities to restrict the flow of information.

So will take a lot of time before we can more fully appreciate the extent of the damage.

The element has no limits

On the Thai side of the border also damaged farmland and temples.

As a result of the collapse of the wall in the northern province of Chiang Rai, a woman died, many people in the province were injured.

"We are afraid of repeated earthquakes, because at 7 am was one more push" — said an employee of the local district council Mae Sai Somsri Mitong. — Once again, we had to run out to the street, like last night. And that's on TV about Japan only adds fears. "

In the border areas of Laos also felt the tremors, but they did not cause serious harm, and the victims in Laos are not reported.

The area where the earthquake occurred recently, is known for its seismic activity.

As recently as March 11 quake of magnitude 5.4 was recorded to the north, 225 kilometers from the city of Dali, in the southern Chinese province of Yunnan.

It coincided with a massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but Japan is a different tectonic plate.

Source: BBC Russian

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