Earthquake in the Amur region


Blagoveshchensk, September 23. In Skovorodinsky's Amur region registered a slight tremor. Calls that they felt the impact of disaster, came to the regional Emergencies Ministry of the inhabitants of the city and the station BAM Skovorodino. Information about the tremors confirmed interim mayor and manager Skovorodino EDDS district.

In this case, from the dispatcher seismic RAS Yakutia information on coordinates epicenter and strength seismic event has been received.

"The task force found that the victims, no destruction. Socially significant facilities are operating normally. In EMERCOM Russia's Amur region was opened telephone "hot line." For calls answered area residents Skovorodinsky psychologists. For three hours received 22 calls, "- the report says.

Add that last night in the north-east Japan earthquake with magnitude 4.2. Information on casualties or damage were reported. The epicenter of tremors was in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Iwate Prefecture. Hearth lies at a depth of 40 km under the sea. The earthquake also affected residents of Miyagi prefecture.

The threat of a tsunami was taken five minutes after the injection.

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