Earthquake off the coast of the Philippines

In the area of the Philippines recorded a strong earthquake of magnitude 7.6. The initial magnitude of 7.9 points was slightly reduced, but in any case, a push, occurred at a depth of 34.9 km, was quite serious. The epicenter of the earthquake was located 94 km east of the city and had coordinates Sulangan 10,838 ° N, 126,704 ° E.
In the next 90 minutes the appliance was noted six additional tremors of magnitude M5 +. Representatives of the local seismological agencies claim that their power reaches 7.7 points. As expected the experts, the event did not bring large-scale loss of life and, as the number living within a radius of 100 km is only 13 thousand. Killed one person, injured and one islander. Fixed a small landslide in northern Mindanao damaged buildings.
Despite the low risk of the earthquake, the neighboring countries in the first hours after a threat of a tsunami. Thus, the approaching wave of its residents warned the government of Japan and Taiwan, as well as some small island states. However, the wave height was only 16-50 cm in the eastern margin of the Philippines. Some communities on time lost electricity.
Living in the eastern part of the island of Samara people were asked to evacuate inland as soon as possible, as the coastal settlements are located only 105 km from the epicenter of the earthquake.


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