Earthquake swarm builds at Yellowstone caldera

May 8, 2011Yellowstone felt a swarm of earthquakes. Over the past few days, there were several small earthquakes in Yellowstone. The strongest earthquake in this small part of a magnitude happened today 3.3 at a depth of 6 km below the park. The greatest risk to Yellowstone are not those of the earthquake, but they come from the North American plate, which is moving to the caldera. Geologists associated tectonic plate movement in almost every eruption at Yellowstone in the past. This is what the world is currently experiencing, as evidenced 9.0
March 11 Tohoku earthquake in Japan, and there are more excitations tectonic plates is now than it was two years ago.
Magma is. This is a very pressing and deforms the ground. The entire Yellowstone expects the trigger and that can come from unexpected or without notice. Chamber under the volcano goes down about 400 miles in the mantle, may be next. Eruption may be almost infinite, in geologic terms, because of its unique volcanic channels. We must not rest on our laurels on quantitative earthquake in this or any future as a barometer for the eruptive events.

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