Earthquakes acquired cyclical, and it is possible that they will reach the Armenian nuclear power plant

The leader of the "Green Party" George Gachechiladze, Turkey and Armenia is a seismically active area, and there is a risk that a major earthquake could occur in the area adjacent to the Armenian nuclear power plant, which will lead to disaster. As explained Gachechiladze "Medianews" earthquakes in Turkey and Armenia have been purchased cyclical, due to the passage through the territory of a tectonic fault."A powerful earthquake in Turkey occurred in 1976, which killed up to 4,000 people in the late 80's earthquake in Armenia, Spitak, in 1999 — in Turkey. In Turkey, killing up to 20,000 people. And last — yesterday's earthquake in Turkey again. These earthquakes are repeated at intervals a little more than ten years. We can therefore expect that a disaster could occur near the nuclear power plant. This station was built in the Soviet period, and its major rehabilitation was not carried out, so such a powerful earthquake would cause it serious damage. We, the defenders of the environment, not only environmental activists have long demand to eliminate the station. The European Union asked that Armenia has eliminated the station and even offered a solid money to develop alternative energy sources. At one time, the Armenians agreed, but then the station has acquired Russian company "RAO UES" and the talks were halted. The European Union and is now willing to pay for the elimination of this station. The idea is that another earthquake in Turkey must force Armenia to think "- said" Medianews "Gachechiladze. According to him, if the Armenian nuclear power plant will be damaged, will be in serious jeopardy, Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran."Radiation reach Tbilisi after 8 hours. Evacuate the city with a population of 2 million — is this a joke? And it is not only in Tbilisi. It will spread throughout the territory. You're idea of the extent to which it is — will the regional disaster "- said Gachechiladze.Source:

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