Earthquakes in the Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands and Karbisky region joined the growing list of seismically active zones.

Territorial Emergency Management Agency, said that he had noticed the increased number of aftershocks, do not worry. Starting on Monday, and to this day, there are small permanent earthquake.

More than 50 small earthquakes were recorded near the Virgin Islands, according to VITEMA (Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency). Propulsion was within 5.2, 4.6 and 4.7 points.

Victor Huerfano, head of the seismic network in Puerto Rico, has confirmed that they are now fixed increase of seismic activity. However, this phenomenon is 4 or 5 times a year in different parts of the Caribbean, according to VITEMA.

Earthquake swarm is defined as three or more earthquakes occurring within hours, and the seismic network in Puerto Rico to produce records of all cases, starting from Saturday.

According to Victor Huerfano, that's fine, but they can not say what it means. But they are confident that all need to be calm, as local authorities Virgin Islands prepared for possible large earthquakes.

Virgin Islands are located in a seismically active region, which has the potential for a major earthquake, ready to strike at any time. Currently, there are five regions of the world, whose seismic activity is higher than usual: California, Virgin Islands plateau Caribbean, Alaska, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Any of these regions may soon show their maximal activity. People living in these areas must always remain vigilant.

Source: Rage Of Nature


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