Earthquakes recognized as the most dangerous type of disaster

November 7. According to a recent survey of American sociologists in recent years as a result of earthquakes around the world have killed more people than hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters. The number of victims of earthquakes in the millions people, the British broadcaster BBC.

Each year, the world is more than a million earthquakes of varying strength. According to social scientists from the U.S., they are much stronger influence on people's lives than other natural disasters. Besides a number of cases of deaths, hundreds of thousands of earthquakes seriously injured. Most children are exposed to this risk.

Earthquakes threatened and threaten many of the world's largest cities, including Los Angeles, Tokyo, New York, New Delhi and Shanghai. Over the past decade, the earthquake killed 780,000 people around the world, representing 60% of the victims of natural disasters that have occurred in the world during that period.

Sociologists estimate that for every person who died in the earthquake, we have three victims of this natural disaster, which managed to escape injuries of varying severity.

Consequences of earthquakes can occur at once. Thus, a significant percentage of survivors of a natural disaster of this kind, gets depressed and starts thinking about suicide. For example, after the earthquake in Turkey in 1999, 17% of the population said they wanted to kill themselves, since the crash killed their friends or relatives. All suffer from depression 72% of the world population.

The largest percentage of victims of earthquakes occurring in children. Last year, 53% of victims of the strong earthquake in Haiti were under 20 years old, and 25% — the age of five.

Source: Lead

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