East Asia disappeared under the smokescreen

Over Bohai Bay, over the Korean peninsula and the Tsushima Strait until about. Kyushu in Japan hangs a cloud of smoke. But the reason for its occurrence are not familiar unable or agricultural fires. The smoke came from the burning mid-May Russian Siberia. The main centers of fire, smoke cloud brought to China and Korea, and to the border of the State of Mongolia, located near the southern edge of. Baikal. Although the northern shores of the lake also caught fire, but not so intense.
A cloud of smoke over eastern Asia.

Satellite image of fires. Baikal.
Presumably, the smoke began its journey more May 17. Due to the rapid east wind, a huge cloud was attributed to quite an impressive distance. Some photos captured the smoke over the Sea of Okhotsk, between about. Sakhalin Island and the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Smoke on the Sea of Okhotsk.Source: ecowars.tv

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