Ecuadorian authorities evacuated 110 families due to the eruption of a volcano

 Ecuadorian authorities evacuated 110 families from the vicinity of the volcano Tungurahua intensified (Tungurahua) to 135 kilometers from the capital city of Quito, the country, said on Tuesday agentstvoAssoshieyted Press quoting a representative of the Institute of Geophysics of the University of Quito — Taipa Mercedes (Mercedes Taipe).

According to her, the last three days from the crater of the volcano spewed molten rock and lava and volcanic ash rises to a height of four kilometers. Ashes were buried in about five settlements.

Tungurahua volcano taller than five thousand meters intensified in 1999 and since then does not stop from time to time to disturb local residents and the government of Ecuador. Last eruption of the volcano was recorded in April.

In late 2011, the authorities had to declare an "orange" alert level also due to activation of Tungurahua. Then, as the ash cloud reached a height of four kilometers, than seriously frighten the population located near the volcano villages and towns.

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