El Nino may return

As suggested meteorologists and climatologists, weather phenomenon El Nino may return to the planet in the next few days, but will be much weaker than the last episode. This conclusion is based on data on the temperature of water in the Pacific Ocean in July and August, which created favorable conditions for the formation of El Niño in September and October.

El Nino usually repeated every two to seven years, and occurs when the wind-trade winds that move the surface layers of the ocean waters begin to subside. Then appear in the western Pacific warm water mass begins to move to the eastern part. As a result of this shift in the western coast of South America appears atmospheric phenomenon that brings heavy showers floods and landslides. West Pacific Basin at this time suffering from the drought.
Last El Nino lasted from June 2009 to May 2010. Effect of the future event scientists estimate both the average activity period will last until early 2013. As said experts and witnesses, no El Niño is not like the previous one, even if the initial conditions are much the same m. This further complicates the prediction process, and sometimes makes it impossible. Almost immediately after the El Niño occurs in the nature of its opposite La Niña, which takes on the ground from April 2012.

Source: ecowars.tv.

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