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In America, raging tropical storm "Lee"

4.09.11.Tropichesky storm hit southern states SShA.Novy Orleans hardest hit by a powerful hurricane "Katrina", which hit the south of the United States in 2005.

After six years in New Orleans again declared a state of emergency polozhenie.Po forecasters said the storm "Lee" for gaining silu.Iz-strong wind, thousands of homes in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are already without electricity. A week ago, the element swept the East Coast SShA.Zhertvami Hurricane "Irene" became, at least 40 people.

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Typhoon "Talas" rages in Japan

4.09.11.Chislo victims of a powerful typhoon "Talas" in Japan reached 20, about forty people unaccounted vesti.Tropichesky before the cyclone hit the southern island of Shikoku, and then reached the country's main island of Honshu.

"Talas" brought heavy rains, which, in turn, caused numerous opolzni.Zatopleny thousands of homes destroyed dorogi.Chrezvychayny headquarters for the Japanese government ordered the evacuation of the most dangerous areas of over half a million zhiteley.V currently typhoon is moving north at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour.

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Victims of typhoon "Talas" in Japan were 27 people, 54 more missing

TOKYO, September 5. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Yaroslav Makarov /. The number of victims of a powerful typhoon "Talas" in Japan has grown to 27 people. Another 54 people remain missing. The death toll could increase significantly, because at the moment the rescuers can not get to some mountain areas due to landslides. According to authorities, cut off from the outside world in remote areas were at least 3,600 people. In the rescue operation involved military defense forces of Japan.

12 th in a row this season tropical cyclone "Talas" struck the southern island of Shikoku and the central part of the main Japanese island of Honshu. Gusts of wind damaged the roof of thousands of buildings, including the popular tourist ancient castle Nidzedze in Kyoto. Interrupted telephone service, tens of thousands of homes were without electricity.

Typhoon also paralyzed transport in the country. At airports, Japan canceled more than 400 flights. Stopped rail. Closed traffic on key roads of the country.

Currently, "Talas" moves slowly from the west coast of Honshu in the north-east to the Primorsky Territory of Russia. Wind gusts in some areas reach the speed of 30 m / sec.


Typhoon "Talas" reborn into a cyclone and fall on Sakhalin

VLADIVOSTOK, September 5. / Itar-Tass Leonid Vinogradov /. Typhoon "Talas", raging over the Sea of Japan, reborn into a cyclone and September 6-7, fall to Sakhalin. The island is very heavy rainfall is expected, up to 33 millimeters in two days possible rise in water level to five feet in the rivers flowing from Nevelsk Kholmsk Aniva, Korsakov, Dolinsky and other areas of the island. The announcement today handed control of Sakhalin Hydrometeorological.

General Directorate of Emergency Situations in Sakhalin region recommended the islanders not to leave settlements, and tourist groups on the route, as well as hunters and fishermen gave advice to wait out the bad weather in shelters.

Typhoon "Talas" today night approached the Primorye Territory. The rains of varying intensity began in the eastern half. In the village of Ore Dock at night dropped 68 mm of rain in a half times higher than normal. The rain continued in the central and eastern parts of the region. In the village of Olga in three hours 71 mm of rain fell. Reports of emergency has not been reported.

On the coast, including Vladivostok, intensified northern wind gusts reaching 16-21 m / s. This has caused cancellation of flights in the capital of Primorye ferries and boats on the Russian island and Popov.

In Japan, the victims of typhoon "Talas" were 27 people, another 54 people missing.


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