Empire attack («Uwazam Rze», Poland)

Empire attack (

Our homeland is preparing an army to conquer neighbors
My article «Protecting yourself or loss of sovereignty», which were presented in the fear of the motives of military exercises «West-2013» to be held in Belarus provoked a lively response on the Russian side, a storm of conflicting views on portals and usmotritelnoe silence the Polish Ministry of Defense . Only Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski (Radoslaw Sikorski) assured journalists that takes expressed fear me seriously.

Russian commentators was subjected to sharp criticism of my text (one expert Colonel referred to my thesis «ravings of a madman»), and their Belarusian colleagues identified that the exercise will be a defensive character and accused Poland in preparation of an attack on Belarus. This charge corresponds to the threats that marked the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces. As you know, Russian management assures that the Poles are willing to take away the power of Belarusians Brest and Grodno.

Russian and Polish critics of my article stressed that our homeland, as though any other government, has the right to plead for their safety, and if it fulfills its territory defense scenario, should not be required to claim it. But the fact is that when they say Russian neighbors about their own defense plans of the Kremlin start sounding objections and warnings. Wave of Russian threats caused South American missile defense system project. Moscow frightened that she would aim nuclear missiles at Poland and the Czech Republic, where the Americans were planning to arrange the elements of their own system. Washington insisted that the only question on protection against threats from Iran, but Moscow has responded that it is so clear that the question of her.

When in December 2010, the Internet portal WikiLeaks released information about upcoming NATO defense plans in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Russian Ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin claimed that these plans have been canceled, as they are obviously geared towards his country, and wondered question: «To whom else can be designed such protection? Against Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, against the white bears or against the Russian bear? «This was the reaction Rogozin to the agreement reached at the Lisbon summit in 2010, where they were formally adopted previously developed, so called« contingency plans »(action plans in case of anger against a NATO member country). […]

Our homeland threatens British

In October 2008, in an interview with Reuters, the commander of the combined forces of NATO in Europe, General John Craddock (John Craddock) said: «For many years we believed that no country or a NATO Partnership for Peace, there are no circumstances to fear for the sovereignty of its territory. In the context of the events of August it seems to have changed. » Craddock said that after the Russian invasion of Georgia should loaf about plans for an attack on the Baltic countries or Poland.

In June 2009, the Defense Committee of the British Parliament has published a comprehensive report entitled «Russia: brand new confrontation,» in which, as it says: «Russia has become the latest threat to peace and may be a precursor of modern cool unleashing war.» The document stresses that the Russian policy directly threatens British sovereignty. The media can meet often enough reports of abuse by military aircraft of Russian air space of many European states. This lament British, Norwegians, Danes, Swedes, Finns. Constantly violated air space of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which is protected by NATO forces. Brutal acts of the Russian Federation decline neutral Finland to more closely cooperate with the Alliance. This did not escape the attention of the Russians. Finns threatened President Putin, who said that a similar partnership hit his country’s security, and the Chief of Staff of the Russian armed forces in Finland rebuked military exercises near the Russian border. Moscow newspapers wrote that Russia threatens to attack by Georgia and Finland. Finnish Prime Jyrki Katainen (Jyrki Katainen) said that his country would decide on its own destiny without foreign tricks, and if she decides to join NATO, Russia will not face it.

Bear arming

Finnish Prime Minister can believe, since his country is not arming. According to the Stockholm Peace Research Institute problems (SIPRI), Our homeland with their defense spending (61 billion dollars) in 2009 ranked fourth in the world, behind the U.S., China, Britain and France. Moscow spends on the army of 3.5% of GDP, while the Chinese, British and French — 2% (Poland — 1.95). As said in the end of last year, the agency RIA Novosti, in 2013-2015 the budget of the military department to reach 97 billion dollars (3.7% of GDP), in other words to increase by 60%!

In October 2003, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the latest development strategy for the armed forces, has been identified as a priority the strengthening of the nuclear potential with simultaneous transformation of the armed forces in everyday mobile expeditionary army. Was made an open statement that our homeland will be able to use this army against their neighbors. The strategic plan of action of the major defense forces would ensure a nuclear weapon. In 2006, Moscow adopted a municipal program from arms purchases, in which up to 2015 was planned had spent a huge amount — 182 billion dollars. Notwithstanding began in 2009 economic crisis, the program continues to be implemented, and the volume of arms production grows. Scheduled waste must withdraw the Russian army on the second place after the United States. […]

Meanwhile, sometimes on the pages of newspapers arise comments about helplessness Russian armed forces. «We can not afford to RF strong army» — comforted Poles Gazeta Wyborcza. «The Russian army could not defeat even Poland» — wrote the same edition. This is not the Polish outlook: it needful to our Russian media reported, allegedly «independent» military experts. With all of this one for some reason does not hit that in a country that is experiencing difficulties with democracy, where vehicles are former officers led by KGB colonel Putin, and law enforcement agencies are beyond criticism, experts can arbitrarily denounce the military chiefs of the Ministry and without some talk about the consequences of Tipo fucking state of the army.

Lived around V century BC Chinese philosopher era Shove Tzu made a great treatise on «The Art of War.» He wrote to him: «I can do so that the enemy would take my strength weakness and weakness — power. His power will be reborn into a weakness, and I will wait for the right moment to attack. » Russian politicians and military know work Shove Tzu. Can the spread of disk imaging helplessness Russian army be purposeful action? Whether it should assure Europe and Poland that Russia should not be afraid?

Expert on Russian army Andrzej Wilk (Andrzej Wilk) gives this assessment: «In 2009-2010, under the guise of renovation of the facade of the Russian army underwent major organizational restructuring of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Our homeland has refused Russian model, adapting itself solutions used after cool war in Western countries. Priority from the outset received transformation in the western part of the country. (…) The structural and organizational configuration in the Western military environment coupled with ongoing technical modernization noticeable increment its potential. (…) This confirms the conjecture that our homeland is committed to making a counterweight quantitative and technological advantages of NATO countries in the western strategic direction and maintain its military predominance in Eastern Europe. «

How to hold the fort for three months?

In 2011, the press reported that in terms of the NATO Defense Poland meant to use nine divisions — four Polish, also English, German and South American. Port in Swinoujscie (Swinoujscie), rebuilt by the standards of the Alliance, had to take large amphibious ships and military transport ships serving the NATO army. Of course, if it were not that the pipe of the pipeline «Nord Stream», laid on the approaches to the Polish military port, block access to large ships. Either way it seems that we can breathe relaxed: NATO will protect Poland.

This news has lived long. At this point in the Alliance would be difficult to find suitable nine divisions. September 1, 2011 the Polish Ministry of Defense disbanded the First Division, located in Legionowo near Warsaw. The remaining three awaits a similar fate. It will be difficult to get help from the Germans and: rows Bundeswehr will be reduced to 185 thousand people, of them in the Army is about 60 thousand. The English have two divisions and several brigades, so that they can cope with the problem, but the Yankees, if necessary, would have to carry your own fighter from the ocean. Apparently because Dr. George Friedman (George Friedman) warns that Poland, if it relies on U.S. aid, have without the help of others to hold the line for 3 months.

Hope for guerrillas

Pitiable condition looks Polish armed forces neighbors who together with us should participate in the defense of the region. Under the «Visegrad» Poland cooperates with the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. These countries possess small defense potential, and their armed forces are capable of only short-term protection of their country through allies (Slovak army can not that.) In service in the armies of the countries mentioned equipment worth 80s (exception is the Czech Republic and Hungary paid in Sweden 28 aircraft JAS 39 Gripen). […]

Do not look better and the north wing defense possible. Not only as the Baltic countries even weaker neighbors to the south of Poland. Lithuania spends on defense about 0.8% of GDP (in 2011 — 350 million dollars), her weak, bad curb Prof. army, which has no ability to mobilize larger forces. The backbone of the ground forces is one infantry brigade. Lithuanian armed forces can not without the help of others to defend the country, but there is a voluntary form, ready for guerrilla activities in the event of a hostile occupation. Similarly looks army Latvia. Her professor was poorly armed army and military budget is 1% of GDP. Here, too, there are forces that can fight a guerrilla war. Military aviation in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia do not. Meanwhile, against the backdrop of the first 2-states Estonia stands out in the best side. Estonians squander defense 1.8% of GDP. They upgraded to a professional army base, but kept the call and engaged in training of reservists that provides a relatively huge mobilization ability. Emphasis is made on the training areas of the country to the probable defense planned additional armament of the army, including the heavy equipment (tanks) with the possibility of war in the case of put four infantry brigades. Develop voluntary formation. Besides NATO membership Estonians concluded a military alliance with Sweden. But Estonia — the smallest of the Baltic countries (1.33 million population, GDP 22.2 billion dollars), because it is unable to balance the weakness of Lithuania and Latvia.

Baltic countries at gunpoint

The geostrategic position of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia indicates that their chances to resist military pressure RF negligible. President Putin, presenting plans for modernization of the Russian army, mentioned these countries. He said: «We will be in the strongest terms to enforce the authorities of Latvia and Estonia countless tips notable international organizations regarding compliance with the recognized rights of national minorities.» More strongly expressed Russia’s position is closely associated with the Kremlin ideologist Alexander Dugin Russian neo-imperialism in an interview to Lithuanian Internet portal (November 2010). He explained: » Our homeland considers them (Latvia, Estonia) by their enemies, and makes no big difference between them. This general outlook of the establishment, even liberal. Our homeland expects global redistribution. For example, if something happens with the U.S., we again are occupying these countries. Either way, gently or aggressively. And in order to run some harsh situation in Latvia and Estonia have a tool, and used it a couple of times … «

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