Employees’ SPETSSETSTROYBANK log in to the ABS fingerprint


19.11.12.Kompaniya BioLink Solutions, a world expert in the field of biometric market, today announced the introduction of the software and hardware of biometric identification in the corporate network commercial bank "SPETSSETSTROYBANK."

"SPETSSETSTROYBANK" has by now become a universal credit institution providing a full range of high-tech banking services. He has actively expanded its branch network of over 130 offices in Moscow, Moscow, Kaluga, Tula and Vladimir regions. For all the variety of services (deposits, transfers, currency exchange, utility payments, cash management services to corporate clients, payroll, etc.), the bank focuses on the quality and efficiency of their work. Under these circumstances required to provide fast, convenient and secure authentication of employees in an automated banking system (ABS), told CNews BioLink Solutions.

"Legacy password system can not withstand these demands; tokens and smart cards can be sent (along with the appropriate permissions) to another person, and was a natural decision to use innovative technology identification biometrics — fingerprint" — the company said.

Choosing a provider of biometric solutions, "SPETSSETSTROYBANK" appealed to us BioLink Solutions, has many years of successful experience in working with lenders. Introduction of biometrics should not affect the business processes of the bank and place an additional burden on its IT services, and to integrate biometric identification system ABS was used development kit BioLink SDK. It does not require special knowledge in the field of biometrics and provides a graphical dialog ready fingerprint imaging and processing. According BioLink, IT service "SPETSSETSTROYBANK" was able to focus on embedding biometric features in ABS, deciding this problem in a short time.

For identification of the bank's employees for access to corporate information resources and applications used compact scanners BioLink U-Match 3.5.

"Now USB-optical fingerprint scanners equipped with 300 jobs bank employees, and that number continues to grow steadily. Solutions BioLink Solutions provide a quick and convenient authentication of employees' SPETSSETSTROYBANK "in ABS, which not only ran contrary to the requirements of information security, but also contributed to its further strengthening," — said after the project Cyril Kopylov, Head of system administration.

According to the agency Frost & Sullivan, 88,7% of sales biometric information protection in the financial sector accounted for solutions based on the technologies of fingerprint identification. It is noteworthy that fingerprint scanners equipped the 10 thousand jobs of their employees network Sparkasse (one of the largest financial institutions in Germany, the Russian analogue of "Savings Bank"), and from autumn 2012 fingerprint identification for access to the information system are hundreds of American employees Credit Union Service Credit Union, reported in BioLink.

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