End of the world did not happen. While

Fans of apocalyptic predictions once again disappointed.

American 89-year-old preacher Harold Camping was wrong again.

Recall, the priest claimed that the world would end on May 21 2011. at 18:00 on the U.S. West Coast time, about 11 am Irkutsk time. At this point, the Earth supposedly should descend on the celestial axis.

According to Camping, calculate the exact date of the second coming of Christ he was able to decipher the basis of the original biblical texts.

According to calculations of the priest, the beatific honored with only 2% of the population. The main attributes of future disasters called Camping considered stealing, lying, evil, and sexual perversion.

In Russia, the apocalyptic mythology yielded mostly educated residents of the central regions. On the streets of Moscow, there were even billboards warning of things to come. Siberians are treated to yet another prediction with humor.

Ahead of us a few of the predicted "doomsday."

September 22, 2012, according to calculations of American Scientists, solar flash to disable all power and electronic equipment of the planet, leading to the deaths of millions of people.

December 21, 2012, according to the prediction of the ancient Maya, the fifth solar cycle, Earth, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn will rise to one line. Earth will be destroyed by the turbulent flow of energy. This date coincides with the prediction of the ancient Sumerians, according to which the Earth passes by the planet Nibiru will cause the magnetic poles and change its orbit. This will lead to huge deluge and destroy all life on Earth. Probability of the existence of Nibiru is recognized by NASA in 1982.

In 2013, astrophysicist Piers van der Meer, predicted a huge explosion on the sun, which will destroy the protein life on Earth.

In 2014, Russian astrophysicist Habibullah Abdussamatov predicted the beginning of a new ice age. In the same year the Bulgarian prophetess Wanda predicted mass morbidity in the world as a result of chemical warfare, which will begin in 2011.

In 2016, climatologist James Hansen predicted that the world will melt glaciers and flood much of the land.

In 2018 Nostradamus predicted the world-wide nuclear war.

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