End of the world: how it is

At all times, in different cultures existing ideas about the end of humanity. But never have they been so varied as to the XXI century, with the development of science, not only did not reduce the apocalyptic fears, and even added new ones. How is modern man sees the end of its existence the species?

Net mysticism
In traditional cultures doomsday and the loss of humanity associated with the anger of the gods. Such fantasies are popular and now in December of next year, we should ditch the Mayan gods. Most recently, American preacher urged mankind to repent, until the Day of Judgment has begun.

Green men stabbed
At the beginning of XXI century popular hypothetical cause of the destruction of mankind was an alien invasion. This event is dedicated to the novel "War of the Worlds" by HG Wells, a radio show on which caused a terrible panic in New York in the 30s (a play based on the novel was read as a true summary of the fields of fighting with the aliens).
Originally home invaders called Mars, Venus, and even the moon. As soon as an emerging objective information on a lifeless planet in the solar system, aliens were placed in the worlds that are around other stars or other galaxies.
Popularity end alien version of humanity did not stop the knowledge of the theory of relativity: space ship can not exceed the speed of light, and even reaching her hold on the road for many years, even centuries. Civilization capable of building such a ship for the invading army would be able to equip themselves for any planet. Why then invade?
In addition, the Earth — a comfortable home for those who have evolved for millions of years on it. The aliens will not be able to digest any terrestrial plants or feed our animals. In space, many planets that are rich in minerals and natural resources. So the economic sense in the invasion is also no.

Armageddon by the grace of the cosmos
In addition to the role of executioner green men humanity Woo for large comets and asteroids, fantastic planet Nibiru (it supposedly moves in an elongated orbit and appears between Mars and Jupiter every 3600 years) and the solar catastrophe (a powerful flash, which will erase all life, or — in the soft option — will damage all the equipment).

Wrath of Nature
Ecological disaster caused by polluted air, seas, soil depletion and extinction of valuable plants — a popular theme. In the last century were writing fiction novels such as "Death to the grass," which destroyed the ecology destroyed humanity.
Also global catastrophe could supervolcano eruption. Yellowstone Lake — one of the largest alpine lake in North America is located in the center of the Yellowstone Caldera, the largest supervolcano on the continent. The caldera is considered dormant supervolcanoes he erupted with tremendous force several times in the last two million years. The volcano is not dead as evidenced by numerous geysers, which are famous for the American national park Yellowstone.
There are other supervolcanoes: Kamchatka volcano Long Valley in California, Toba in Sumatra and Taupo in New Zealand.

Also popular version is the end of the world epidemic of contagious incurable disease. The appearance of mutant Escherichia coli and activation of cholera add such theories frightening conviction.
We must also mention the environmental catastrophe, climate change due to global warming. In Europe may come tropical diseases, many coastal areas will be flooded, agriculture in areas such as the Donbas, become unprofitable …

Man-made disasters
The end of humanity can be a great war. Fear of the following large-scale conflict has existed since the end of World War II. The closest the world has come to the prospect of a nuclear exchange between the Soviet Union and the United States in 1962, during the Cuban Missile Missile Crisis.
The danger exists today: applying dirty bombs, chemical and biological weapons, terrorists can make some much trouble. Retaliatory invasion of Western armies will cause more terrorist attacks, and the process can go very far.
For man-made disaster, or even a war for resources, can lead abrupt ending profitably mined reserves. Without oil, transport stops, there will be shortage of electricity. The threat of famine, wars over resources — and that loom over the desert lands of the ruins of cities, people burned to keep warm …

Andrew Tyutyunik


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