End of the world postponed to May 21 May 22

The Prophet announced that the apocalypse has already begun

Advertising apocalypse left a lot of money.

Last half of the world go to bed with a sinking heart: after all, the end of the world was to come early on Saturday, and, therefore, in that case you can not wake up.

But the hour of X is over, and the earth did not shudder. Then he appeared on the Internet clarification, saying that the old man was wrong on the day of the apocalypse will come tomorrow. So that everyone can continue to fear.

However, there is another version. In the words of the prophet, Harold Motor Home, the apocalypse has already begun, just … go unnoticed.

Hell on Earth will not happen immediately, it will take five months. So the population of the planet left to live until October 21. Judgment day will begin at 18:00. Even the exact number just, who will ascend to heaven: their 200 million people.

Recall, Harold Egbert Camping has predicted the end of the world: in 1992, he promised apocalypse September 15, 1994. When the appointed day nothing happened, he declared it a mistake in the calculations and started to recheck the data.

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