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Clean energy house — not just a fad, it's your health and happiness, your longevity. Our ancestors did not just keep the house clean, they were able to construct and decorate it in such a way that every square inch of the surface of the walls and floor, each plank in the ceiling protected, helped, protected and supported …

So if you feel energetic attack on you or your apartment, find unusual items — needles, money, trash near the threshold, or in the apartment itself if started causeless quarrels and scandals, if family members do not come out of chronic disease — it's time to clean your apartment from of dirt, advises's prediction.

Probably about how to clean the apartment from the power of invasion, written entire volumes. Any self-respecting occultist knows a couple of signs or prayers in such a case, but many can give advice on how to clean the room, on the basis of the principles of operation of energy building materials and layout of the accommodation? We will try to explain to you the basic principles of such treatment, a few small rules to lay the necessary, but the most effective means of "first aid" to itself and the housing.

Most importantly, if you feel extraneous energy — to find its source. This source can be any foreign object, including gifted you thrown up "well-wishers" or open enemies. There are cases when using the gifts, especially electronics and communications equipment, disorganized business competitors, destroyed the well-being of families.

Item can be as useful in the economy, and just a souvenir. Often throw garbage, earth, salt, etc. There are times when the expression of hatred or envy of neighbors or enemies can be put on the mat for shoes water, urine, thrown up metal objects — coins, nails, needles and thread or not, jewelry and jewelry, sometimes even very expensive … Often, the expression of "love" may be the hair, nails, hair, remnants of animals or their carcasses, pieces of raw furs. All such items must be discarded, or even better — to burn. This ritual has its own characteristics. The subject can not be taken with bare hands, you need to protect yourself by taking the subject in gloves, or take it through the paper. Before you take an item, it is necessary to read any of the known you pray, enclosing themselves from negative influences. And the land away from the house draws a circle in which to build a fire and burn the thing. You have to stand outside the circle outlined by you and wait until hath kindled a fire, reading a protective prayer. It is necessary to leave without looking back, and as long as you get to the house, you can not talk to anyone, so do not let the bad information back inside.

The hardest part — to find the very source of the negative impact — the subject through which to influence envious projected on your premises. The search must be thorough, it is necessary to review all the closets and storerooms, analyze, after the appearance of any object or situation, after which the problems started in your home. Often through such analysis can accurately identify what kind of gift or brought from outside the object has a negative impact. If you have certain occult knowledge and know how to use the framework, or a pendulum, then you just have to check on the availability of the apartment with a bad point energy field to scan all the clothes, shoes, household items, especially the new and the old, but your favorite things. When the energy source of the trouble is found, then evaluate how this thing is necessary and useful to you. If an item is expensive or very necessary, it makes sense to try to clear it from the negative effects, and if it is old and useless in the economy, it is better to leave.

The next step in the purification of the apartment from the negative impact is washing and cleaning. I must say that in the event of bad power washing and cleaning should pay special attention to making these two habitual actions in the magic ritual. You first need to carefully over the entire surface room or apartment, wash floors. It is advisable to wash the floor even under furniture and other furnishings. Does not make sense to dismiss a simple wipe floors, take care of yourself for real. The floors are washed particular water, which is added to it like incense or incense. Frankincense need to boil some water, and when the balls melted, this boiling water should be cool, remove the incense, and smelling good chilled water add to a large bucket. So energetically powerful lineup is necessary to wipe the floors after they have been washed. Why incense? Frankincense carries the energy of heavenly fire, which is not enough sex in a contaminated environment. After washing the floors with incense, you drive to the house of light energy of space and provide a defense of higher powers that come to the call of the smell. After washing the floor should start to walls. The walls are cleaned with a weak solution of salt at the rate of a tablespoon of salt in a bucket of water. It is necessary to rinse the cloth as often as possible, rinsing it under running water, which will help remove accumulated on the walls of dirty energy, and the salt will charge your walls and trim its force. The third stage of purification of rooms may be considered cleansing ceiling. It is carried out with a stiff brush with whitewashed ceilings or damp cloth in case your ceilings have sufficient moisture resistance. In order to attract positive energy to your ceiling, after washing or cleaning it fumigate spices Earth — the scent of roses, lavender, sage pungent odor. There is no need to refer to the aroma of incense every inch of the ceiling, just enough to light an incense stick or a suitable oil to warm up and leave the room closed.

After washing, the total apartments or rooms must find particularly unfavorable in terms of energy places through which the house goes bad power. These places are pretty simple — look carefully at all the walls, floors and ceilings. The points where depart wallpaper on the ceiling appear strange spots, and on the floor moisture accumulates incomprehensible, as a rule, are where you want. One should not think that all the troubles just because of the high humidity or poor behavior of neighbors from above. In any case, all taking place in the apartment of trouble primarily occur in areas with a weak defensive energy facilities — it is here that there is first a trickle of water from the top, here are beginning to fall behind wallpaper and fresh paint turns brown, padded floor to rot here and breaks the battery. If places explicit passage of the negative force you can not find, you have to use a pendulum or a framework to identify places on extrasensory level. All found your site to be carefully examined and, if necessary to do small cosmetic repairs — replace the tile, glued wallpaper, update the paint. In order to enhance energy space and close negative input information may be applied to the wall or floor proposed above sign then carefully hide the paper or a new layer of paint.

To protect the premises and stabilize the positive aura used flint or coil springs. We must put them in the places where you found the entrance to a negative force in your room. You can just place them in the corners of the room — forming a square or rectangle, its protective abilities they girth your entire room, which is very easy to get angry energy. Flint needs to be cleaned of accumulated dirt once a month. It needs to be put under running cold water for two to three hours, after which the day is kept in the street, under the light of the stars and the sun. Springs are more stable, they work within a half to two years without any treatment, but this spring must be large enough — 5-6 centimeters in diameter.

But, of course, the most important rule — do not pull into the house's energy and emotional filth, not to gain negative information, so you do not have to shovel brought into the house of the heap. Try not to provoke quarrels at home and trouble, take care of the aura of their homes! It all depends on you. On a quiet man who knows how to control himself, who does not have bad thoughts inside and out, to bring harm, or evil eye under normal circumstances is virtually impossible. If the person is vain or dependent, greedy, restless, or, any, including the neutral, the idea can damage the internal balance and cause samosglaz. So leave work problems at work collective, in the subway or bus — the trouble of public transport, etc. At home, abounding in an apartment in the normal aura that you create for the same area, to meet with the family. As they say, "locksmith — SLESAREVA and Caesar — Caesar" — for every area of your life and work should be a separate place, and these spaces are not to be confused with each other.

There are a lot of rules, talking about how to avoid energy attacks — corruption or the evil eye, how to protect yourself from negative information. But in relation to the apartment, to your home, set up, you can call the main, most important. By following them, you will be able to cope with any attack on your space, eliminate any change in the usual aura of your home. Many other ways to protect the area and your well-being, we will describe below in the appropriate chapter. But remember that the clean energy space makes sense only after you have at least washed the floors, otherwise dirt will cling to power physical debris and the sprinkling of holy water, or burning out evil spirits will be almost no sense. Physical cleanliness of your home is not as important as the purity of energy, do not forget about it, and no evil will find the way to your apartment.

Natalia and Alexander Beregini


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