Environmental disaster in Atyrau. Video


14.06.11. Environmental disaster in Atyrau.Tam dying fish. Two weeks riverbanks literally inundated with dead fish. On the causes of PE tells our correspondent Gulbadam Nazbenova.

GULBADAM NAZBENOVA, correspondent:

— Here in the Black River, a tributary to the Urals, in line Atyrau rot tons of fish. Local people use this water for watering the gardens, and the beast goes to drink.

Local residents say that the roach, carp and bream literally jumping out of the water. And it lasts for two weeks.

BAKTYGALI URAZAKOV, a resident of Atyrau

— Because of dead fish everywhere flies, smell, hope city administration to take action.

But in fisheries inspection only considered dangerous waters. There are more than a hundred. Now, the problem must address local businesses that pollute the river.

Amantai Ayzhigitov, HEAD Ural-Caspian interregional Pools INSPECTION OF FISHERIES:

— Currently, the Atyrau region recorded 101 zamoroopasny site. These sites are distributed among 42 natural resources. Of natural resources in their areas take measures for clearing the river beds of grasses and reeds for the free passage of fish in order to avoid mass death of fish.

However, the official version of the cause of the mass death of fish in the city until you have voiced. Mor this scale was here nearly 20 years ago. And this year the fish washed ashore several times.

Gulbadam Nazbenova, Nurbol Mugalim.

Source: TRC "31 channel"

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