Environmental disaster in Kirov


7.07.11.Zhiteli neighborhood Comintern on the brink of ecological disaster — a river that flows into the Vyatka, polluted and vonyaet.Stoki treatment plants fall into the river flat (popularly referred to as Nigella), and then to Vyatka.

Common name of the river is quite justified — water samples, and independent environmental specialist expertise of the NGO "Keepers of Vyatka" revealed multiple excess MPC pollutants — organic compounds, phenols, chromium and petroleum products. Does not aim to expose the enterprise in bad faith, "Keepers of the Vyatka" still argue that the dumping of waste is simply unacceptable — this can cause disturbances in the life processes of the main river up to the massive fish kills.

Local residents recall how they used every day bathed in the river.
— On it went to small ships, there was always a good catch. In a clean river to swim children's children, and even rinsing it in linen, — says Galina Galkina, a resident of the village.

Now, the river resembles the gutter — on the bank of large pieces of floating hair, the wind carries unpleasant "flavors" for the entire village, which is why people have to sleep with the windows closed.

— 2 weeks ago a pack of dogs in a rivulet driven young white goat. The animal came out of the river all in black — told the hostess kid. — What is not washed, the dirt on the hair and a nasty smell still remained. The past is the goat slaughter.
Purification of the village were under control before tanning them. Comintern. They were engaged in the treatment of domestic and industrial waste of the village.

— The territory has always been working, drove the car. Purification always attended regulatory agencies to do the analysis — says Valentina Smirnova, an employee of one of the businesses of the neighborhood.

Later, new treatment in charge passed housing settlement Comintern. A tannery industrial wastewater treatment remained on the old, and they are the most problematic. Now they no one works. Lead filter industrial waste anywhere. Windows of buildings of the former treatment boarded up, and the walls are destroyed. Chemistry and sewage from the plant goes untreated into the river.

Residents Comintern even picketed about the environmental problems of the region.
— We were visited by representatives of the Moscow Public Chamber, members Rospotrebnadzor and environmental safety, Kirov — the locals say. — But it did not solve anything.

According to the Acting Director of "Kommunalshchik", the question of viable treatment plants in the neighborhood is controlled by the Department of Ecology and Nature Management of the Government of the area. However, new treatment facilities promise to build only in 2012.

Despite the fact that the inhabitants of the Comintern provide water wells (by the way, and there is water unpleasant smell and does not meet all safety criteria, stinking drains Flat Nigella poison the lives kirovchan. According to doctors, living in areas with severe air pollution can not only adversely affect the the lungs and heart, but also cause mental decline.


Source: Portal «Pro City. Kirov "

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