Environmental disaster in the Crimea. Video


In Kerch sewage poured into the sea near the beach 'Turtle'

9.08.11.V Kerch emergency with sewage.

August 9 about 19 hours in the boat mooring number 249 of the enormous flow of stormwater flowed untreated sewage.

The situation is complicated by the fact that quite a number, a hundred meters from the specified berth, is a place of recreation for residents Voikovskiy Kerch — beach 'Turtle'. Despite the evening, the beach was a lot of people, including children. About the dangers of swimming in contaminated water they have not been warned.

As it turns out this is not a single case in which we have previously written about the unauthorized discharge of sewage from the sewage pump-station № 7, located 150 meters from the boat landing. Workers themselves pumping station said that they knew about the problem of sewage overflow tank. But refused to admit that the dumping of sewage made it to their station. Head of water separation Vitoshko Sergei, who arrived at 20:15 at the scene, said that workers will install water utility pump, capacity 10 m3per hour, for sewage from vessels station. Pump was switched to pumping around 20:45.

At the same time, the inspector of the Azov-Black Sea Ecological Inspection took samples of waste water, and promised to make the report a violation of environmental legislation.

As of 23 hours on August 9, the discharge of sewage into the sea continued. How many cubic meters of sewage spilled in that time, and how much more will result, none of the senior officials on the ground water utility was not able to tell us. Last time, the environmental inspection assess the damage of sewage at the rate of about one thousand cubic meters in five days.
Remember that swimming in sewage contaminated water can lead to skin and intestinal diseases. We kindly ask neighborhood residents and visitors to them. Voykova not swim at the beach 'Turtle', at least a few days after the discharge of sewage, which we, in turn, report back later.

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Source: The news service "Breeze"

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