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29.06.11. — You know, we have a catfish die — says Leonid, a local resident. — Trehkilogrammovye. And guys that always go on a fishing trip, so tell that to the dead fish in the river this year, as long as there was still on their mind.

You know — Leon goes to a whisper — of course, not without that network and sometimes fill up (and this is according to the law poaching because a whisper — Comm. Aut.). So the networks full of dead fish. More than alive, double.

Leonid — little man of forty, lean, economic, lives in the village of Sava, near Malmyzh. Of transport in the economy at Leonid bike on it and it into the woods, and in the race. And environmentally friendly transport, and never let you down, as long as his legs did not disappoint. Clothes on Leonid most that neither is on the forest: T-shirt and khaki pants, too colored army uniform. Most inconspicuous man, what in the provincial towns completely. But a tour of the forest begin to understand that their land of Leonid knows much and in such detail that the museum will not tell.

— Here the trenches of the Civil War — shows me Leonid old, long overgrown ditches. — Army Kolchak civil to this beach is not allowed. But partisans here. And the shells were exploding. And here, in a clay hut, grandmother lived. Killed her. Now, one of the murderers of the most that neither is in Malmyzh crime boss, he has, as they say, "eight walker, seven shoots." Oh, there's … — the story flows until we first go, and then almost run through the woods — mosquitoes, delighted such a rich and well-fed production, immediately rushed to the attack, at first alone, and then pack.

Reaches to the point where actually begins Malmyzh ecological disaster area, according to Leonid. Here, on a hill, the mosquitoes away sharply behind. But there is a sharp chemical smell. The place where I led a local peasant, has a reputation and history, that if you want, and worse has not come up. On the one hand, even in Soviet times there was a cattle cemetery. Whether approved, or not, is unclear. But when in a pestilence, cattle were brought here dozens (and from which he was pestilence, now no one will remember.)

Further fifty meters on a hill used to be a warehouse of chemical fertilizers. Bags of chemicals, red, bright purple, white, yellow lying there is no cover. The men at first, say, brick hauled away for building sheds. And then, as the cattle began to ache, carry longer. Fifty meters away from the warehouse, close to the road — dump waste. Again, no clear answer I gave, authorized or not. But with her showing off label, "landfill is prohibited." It turns out that unauthorized.

When we pulled up, "Gazelle", aunt pulled several bags and without conscience threw down. A sign hanging, apparently for decoration. And in a ravine with debris already involved fire. Burning the board. Entrepreneurs say bring from sawmill waste. And to no one shouted that the dump is growing and growing, set fire to quietly.

— I'm here every year forest carcass — complains Leonid. — Set fire to the dump, and the fire gets going and the forest, when the wind is blowing in its side. Especially in the last year was hard.

From the landfill to the right about fifty meters away two large pit. It is from here and took away rubble to build a pontoon bridge across the Vyatka. No wonder that such a fish clean gravel broke down and floated belly up. I have another hour and three eyes were watering from the chemical smell.

And about fifty meters from the quarry, but in the other direction, there is patch of land that separated the locals improvised poles. On this patch of twenty years is the grass is not growing. There used to be a container in which the logs were soaked in a special solution to avoid rot. And then these containers or simply were not needed, or whether there was a fire. In general, the liquid that left unattended, and she's in the ground and left. So, for example, Leonid cow here on this meadow wandered. And next to that patch, where no grass, graze idea.

Next, the grass at the time for a cow — clover, sedges, even strawberries grow big, juicy-looking. And for some reason it went to this wasteland. So the forces of the cow after that dinner was enough to reach only the yard. Died nurse — belly swelled. Poisoned in the summer a few animals on this meadow. Here are the men and it was fenced. Who knows, will not close here. But if you will come to those who are not local and berries, nobody knows what could end up a forest hike. Well, if the hospital.

Now stones from this place already poured for the bridge, they are washed Vyatka. And in the water in the summer the kids swim, fish locals. This water flows toward the city of Vyatka Polyana, Perm, and more than that, it goes into the Volga and Caspian Sea.

The bridge, which is built, of course, necessary. It's communication with the outside world. But not at the cost of the death of the river.

When driving back from Zavala to Malmyzh, met a car fire, they were called to put out the garbage dump. But after five hours of that black smoke from burning garbage and raised a wide black pole into the sky and flew towards Malmyzh. Apparently, not extinguished.

Comment environmentalists

"We're going to check"

— So you are telling me now that they had seen, and I have goose bumps on the back running — said the deputy head of the department of ecology and natural resources of the Kirov region Andrei suitcase. — The fact that in the area there are problems with the environment, we have heard. But in order to so, and to store chemicals, and dump and incomprehensible snout, where even the grass is not growing, it is terrible.

We always go with the experts to check the area. It is terrible that at this point the chemicals go into the ground and get into the ground water. And if the rubble were taken to Vyatka, all fell into the river, it is certainly terrible. It is dangerous for animals and for local residents. I think you need to check and organize vets and Rospotrebnadzor, and prosecutors. I have one I can not understand why such a problem all the local people are silent?

Comments of the district head

"Fence of rubble with this career is denied"

— I started his work as head of the district with only 4 April this year — told us the head Malmyzh Garafeev Rashid district. — The problem of landfills we know. She approved, but not yet given in due form. At the moment we are looking for a contractor who would follow her. So while there are cases that the garbage on fire, and it burns. But just recently we received a report from veterinarians. Animal burial there never was. But the fence rubble in this career is now banned. Problems in the area, of course, will be addressed.

*Name has been changed in the publication due to fears of pressure on him from the local authorities.

Author of the report: Alyona Zaitseva

Source: KP.RU — Kirov

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