Environmental disaster in Verkhneuralsk. Video


27.06.11.Berega Verkhneuralsk reservoir inundated with dead fish. Vitaly Andrianov mounts the second year in gardens pipelines. Work all the time in the water. "A month ago it was not so. Now do the whole shore strewn with fish. It become rotten, "- said Vitaly Andrianov mechanic.

600 cubic meters of sewage drains — a volume of sewage every day throws Verkhneuralsk the Ural River. Each year, the district paid the company almost 3 million rubles of fines for pollution, but none of these facts does not change the situation. In the city for 20 years can not build a sewage treatment plant.

This is a pipe which enters the sewer Urals. Every minute nearly 50 buckets. Clearly visible border of clean and dirty water. Sergei Habin, mayor Verkhneuralsk district, said: "We are conducting an investment competition. Agreed by the investor, it is found. There are people who are willing to invest in the construction of treatment plants. "

The main part of discharges gives Verkhneuralsk prison, which contains almost 600 prisoners. Local environmentalists argue that the nature of the applied minimal damage. A leading expert on environmental protection administration Verkhneuralsk district Rukavishnikova Catherine says: "The samples four times a year we take, recorded exceedances for some positions."

Treatment plants is not completed, the equipment is not mounted. And most importantly — it is necessary to build a new boiler. Biological wastewater treatment can only be at a temperature of 18-20 degrees. In Verkhneuralsk no hot water. "Now there is a project Gosekologekspertizy. End — and begin to work ", — informs the deputy head of the district Verkhneuralsk Vladimir Skokov.

To keep water from sewage did not reach the beaches Verkhneuralsk and Magnitogorsk, now closed gates of the dam reservoir. In its half-billion cubic meters, but garbage piling up, and the E. coli multiply.

Fedor Mityugov, Andrew Podolsky, Sagit Bakirov

Source: STRC "South Ural"

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