Environmentalists hope to photograph the snow leopard kitten in the Altai

Environmentalists in 2013 will try to take photos of the snow leopard cubs a Red River Valley Argut in the Altai Mountains, where, as it turned out, were rescued from poachers male and female of the predator, told RIA Novosti the Altai reserve.

According to ecologists, formerly Valley Argut lived in the Altai Mountains 30-40 ounce, not so much now and throughout the country. In the 70-90 years of the last century, the animals were almost completely wiped out by poachers. Now environmentalists and scientists Altai with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have set out to identify the surviving remnants of this group and ensure effective protection of the territory in order to revive the population of the snow leopard in the area. According to experts, the potential group of snow leopards in the Argut can recover in 15-30 years. Winter in the beginning of last year, researchers found the first traces of the valley Argut predators, and in the spring were the first shots of camera traps, in which "caught" two snow leopard.

"On receipt of the frame we found out that we filmed Argut female and male. Last fall, we were hoping to get photos of the snow leopard kittens, but that never happened. Hopefully, we will succeed this year. Important thing is that they hit the shots nothing to be scared, and they were brought leopards at the same place, "- said the source.

Environmentalists hope that survivors Argut snow leopards and their offspring will not be in the loop poaching.

Pictures of the snow leopard kittens in the past year have been received elsewhere Altai — the ridge Chikhacheva. These photos are considered to be unique, because in Russia before the snow leopard kitten photos were obtained only at the Sayano-Shushenskoye reserve in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Given the secretive, solitary and difficult snow leopard habitats (highlands of several thousand meters), it is hard to get the footage even adult snow leopards, not to mention the young. Filmed in Altai kittens names to select the whole world, in the end they called Altai and Batyr.

Snow leopard (ounce) is an endangered species. The Red Data Book of the Russian Federation and was awarded the first category — "look, which is under threat of extinction at the limit of the range." The total number of snow leopards in Russia, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia, is no more than 80-100 individuals, most of whom are concentrated in five key groups in the south of the Krasnoyarsk region, Tuva and Altai Mountains. In the Altai Mountains, according to WWF Russia, there are about 30 of these predators.

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