Errors of Plastic Surgeons


When it comes to plastic surgery failed, I remember an anecdote. The patient comes to the doctor and says, "Doctor, is it true that health can not buy at any price?" — "Who told you such nonsense?"

Go under the surgeon's knife today easy, would purse full. Find the same hands that grow from where it is necessary to grow to be much more difficult. At least, so say those who have suffered from unfortunate surgeons.

So, the hit parade of the most common plastic "blunders"


The victims of plastic surgery

Michael Jackson: the surgeon after many of his nose almost fell through, and after a hard skin whitening problems with pigmentation.

After the singer of the group "VIA Gra" Albina Dzhanabaeva increased chest several sizes, it appeared stretch.

Actress Lyudmila Gurchenko: a marked deterioration in facial expressions following a circular face-lift.

What is this? The operation to change the shape of the nose.

Typical problems. The most difficult to correct the effects of the operations in which the surgeon has overdone, that is to remove too much cartilage and bone tissue. An illustrative example — Michael Jackson, which experts only "narrowed the nose." At such a mockery of the body can respond so-called callus that forms as a result of increased calcification.

Another serious mistake — excision of immoderate amount of skin on the outside and inside of the wings of the nose. This leads to a violation of nasal breathing and the formation of rough scars.

How to correct them. If the nose is "failed", it can be extended. To do this, use a variety of implants. These are special types of silicone or cartilage, which generally take their patient's ear. If the manipulations carried out with the utmost care, the defect previous operation known only to you.

More difficult to get rid of scars. The problem is that each organism "rumen" in their own way, respectively, the ideal treatment is not the case. Typically, laser scar is excised, or prescribe a course of injections of absorbable drugs.

Breast Implants

What is this? Breast augmentation using implants.

Typical errors. Because the implant is for the body "outsider", it can be perceived inadequate. In an effort to get rid of the foreign body, the body builds around the scar tissue, resulting in the breast is rock solid. In the language of professionals is called capsular contracture. Unfortunately, even experienced surgeons can not recall one such case. An important role is played by the individual characteristics to predict who can not afford even a professional. Can reduce the risk of contracture using implants with a textured surface.

Most of the "blunders" occurs during preoperative preparation. Imlpantat pick, choose the right access, place it so that none of it has not guessed — is an art. Alas, the talent of the artist can boast, not all plastic surgeons. That lady gets unnaturally large breasts a la "Star night air."

How to correct them. Almost always, the implant must be removed and then re-set. In the case of encapsulation will have to wait at least six months, in other cases, only a couple months.


What is this? Correction of the shape of the lower and upper eyelids.

Plastic surgery is like a lottery. Most complications occur through no fault of the surgeon, and as a result of the physiological characteristics of the patient.

How to find a good surgeon? The answer is simple: listen to the "word of mouth". Climb the forums where patients are going, walk on clinics, talk to the patients.

Typical errors. Blepharoplasty is considered to be the most "jewelry" operation. It is necessary to pull a little skin on the lower eyelid — patient becomes the owner of "spaniel eyes" (aka — ectropion or eversion of the century, as you like). Eye refuses to shut down, gradually dries up the mucous. And of long losing!

With blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids, too, is complicated. Sometimes the patient's desire to "raise" him ever taken too literally. The result: instead of enchanting look you get bulging eyes.

How to correct them. And here comes to the rescue transplantation. Cut off a piece of skin is used as a kind of patch. This procedure is very thin, and its success will require accurate calculations. Flap needs to be modeled in such a way that it is "blocked" insidious defect. As for the problem of "round eye", it eliminates using endoscopic midface lift.


What is this? Surgical removal of excess fat.

Typical errors. Simple at first glance, this operation can also have its own complications. Well, if the surgeon will remove excess fat is not enough. Much worse, if the opposite — overdo.

How to correct them. The consequences of failure are usually corrected by liposuction lipofilinga. This is also a transplant, not only of the skin and adipose tissue, which smooths out almost any irregularities.


What is this? Restoration of facial contours, eliminating wrinkles.

Typical errors. During endoscopic face lifts inexperienced surgeons often hurt the facial nerve. A month later the "happy" patient understands that the eye does not open properly, or is difficult to close, exposed front teeth and lifted the corners of the mouth ("dog smile"). A failed circular braces often deny patients much of the hair or make "smile" like a real Frog Princess.

How to correct them. If at the time of surgery was hurt a little nerve, most likely he will recover on their own. To speed up the recovery process surgeon may recommend certain medications drugs, as well as physiotherapy and acupuncture.

Damage to multiple branches of facial nerve is almost impossible to cure. Even if you make the nerve endings, a positive result will have to wait another six months. And how do you want to determine which nerve was cut, if they face a huge amount? The easiest way to hair: they can simply be transplanted. And get rid of the "frog mouth" to help with the extra step of skin grafting.

Source: Magazine "Be healthy"

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