Eruption on Manam volcano

Residents of the northern coast of Papua New Guinea have received an official warning about the dangers of a series of eruptions occurring in the Manam Volcano, Madang Province, which in the last few days is extremely active and responsible for the death of several people. The rumble of the recent eruptions of the volcano side was heard in a radius of 15 km.

From observations of the latest eruptive episodes obviously valves and hot in the crater every day more and more. Glow rock is particularly noticeable at night. Day above the active crater of the cloud of ash. While seismologists are hesitant to set a date for a key eruption Manama, the island-volcano 13 kilometers from the northern coast of Papua New Guinea.
This stratovolcano has a height of 1807 m in the valleys, formed on the slopes, often descend pyroclastic flows, sometimes reaching the water's edge, and even populated parts of the surrounding islands. In Manama five sides and two vertex active crater, but generally erupts south. The first reports of an eruption are 1616. In 2007, lava has come off from the avalanche killed four people. In 2004, due to suffocation caused by the emission of ash, 5 people died and nearly ten thousand people were evacuated.


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