Eugene Gusev.I angel sounded …


"As the water … water the ground and gives her birth .. and my word,

that comes out of my mouth … it shall accomplish that which I please, and

did things for which I sent it. "

The Bible (Isaiah 55:10,11)

Reasonable will understand easily,

Soul seeing far.

And that is not dripping tear

You want the world to understand and protect,

Besides granted eye

And thought, as sharp as a sword …


The poets of antiquity considered

Living in a different world;

They PREDICTION checkered

And those — come true, basically;

They gave the word color

Beautified all a bit;

And joy to the soul poet

As a poet, he was — from God …

Reasons creative foundations —

Riddle for terrestrial minds

But all will not concealing,

Another form of life …

The origins of the highest art

We do not comprehend the head

Understand they can only sense

Giving way to thoughts alive …

Live thoughts as the Firebird

Bring us a wonderful gift,

And pour it on the page

The heaven of divine nectar …

And the composer and the poet …

Otherwise the sun rules them,

And through them, so abyss years

Sparkles sparks their …

And my heart with joy sometimes

For those who feel it all …

But God is one for all of us,

He writes all the soul of a poet;

After all, the power of a word line

For many wounds needed more bread

Heal the pain of earthly anguish

And will hear the voice of heaven …

Only in the land run, the

Changing life of winter and summer,

But do not ever changing,

God owns the soul of a poet;

And heeding the will of the Father,

Recognizes its share of other

The fate of the heavenly messenger

Transmitting God's Will:

<Some light works indicate the following is true, but true: my hand and I have to send a line to state all earthly poet, Bring up eons years …>


During the past century, this happened:

Interrupted the bullet path of the Poet,

Doctor of the soul of the earth ….

Although the eye is nothing new,

You believe the Voice of Heaven:

And now optional

You can hide a spring

And he opened the door to a storehouse,

And words become a conductor;

To speak to the entire planet,

Taking the baton from Heaven;

Eradicate ignorance infection,

Attract the hearts and minds once …

Captivated us the freedom

But Luminous Nature

Is a justice:

Balsam cooking for people,

Grants, as if God's grace,

Unprecedented measure of knowledge

About the Higher Power of the universe;

And firmly demands: Wake up!

Bring true recognition,

With people than you can, share it:

Secrets of Nature — do not hold,

About the future of the same — tell

In every measure carefully

What let me ask,

In word, to whom it will be possible

Proclaim the essence of all life …

A quivering heart beats

After all, as in the tale can not:

Line by line, and the syllable to syllable ….

And now that so pleased God,

Kohl Light of Truth beckoning,

Creator waked me,

Then with the permission of the Universe

About the Life of the Cosmos of incorruption

I will write all bonded,

How my soul tells …

Heavenly Fire Stream

Burns in the heart of a number of lines:

<That the announcement be … Without opening time period and obeying the will of fate, you must perform in the flame path of the Prophet …>

In anticipation … Fire Age,

To the mind and heart of man

I write for the soul purposes …

On behalf of … on behalf of:


O people! The peoples of the Earth!

Hear sensuality of nature!

Believe in heart and mind!

In breast wake a sleeping house!

Knowingly carry your cross!

World nonviolence rescue!

Rage head protection!

Why live — look!

Only in the land expanse

Afraid of imminent death

And the elderly, and the student

Workers and intellectuals …

On the life-death many disputes

Different versions, talk ..

But the truth is always the same —

Now it is open to all …

Here are the basics of life …

And people of any country

Able to understand: <Why this life is it?>

Sverhumnym be need not,

To see the light of truth,

Believe fiery words

That the heavens are broadcasting to you:

One would be born on Earth

With good seal on the forehead …

The other takes up bag

And life does not carry it.

One lives quite happily

And the house is clean and beautiful …

Well another — and work laziness

And sick every single day …

Why should one born to suffer

And disappear into oblivion vomiting,

Another — to experience happiness?

One answer: the reason — in the past.

Fundamentals of fate not obscure

And in the book of life we are given,

Where many thousands of years

Knocking us a straight answer:

Ecumenical on all edges —

Immortal in the spirit of our <I>!

So it's time to admit it

And in all the schools teach.

All self-awareness,

Usually comes as a thought;

The thought of leaving the body,

The wild life of their finds.

Scientific data bonded,

I say that personality <I>

On the airwaves seem

And therefore can not die.

She thought the radio wave

All information is complete:

What hastened think ..

What did .. or allowed …

Welcome planted around you —

It also comes around, in fact,

Once provernetsya circle

Not visible to the eye carousel.

And so, if committed

Wrong to do once you …

Creator forgive. But if you double

Besides my hand

And so you go on the road thoughtless,

Even if you do not survive,

Not realized, did not survive,

Sin left in oblivion eternal,

He still goes to you

In embodiments of the future

His answer will find you

Suffering own who were on the road …

Laws of the spirit can not be seen

But in life, all they are:

Evil sunbathe on fire —

You'll get the same, and twice;

Do not want benefits for themselves —

Comes from God, and loving …

Wanting Mindfulness thirst

We paved the way to the supreme

And man, living one day

Has what he deserves …

The time has come to develop themselves,

And do not spend years without care,

Any technique will rot,

A <I> live on earth forever.

And how you have lived before,

Depends how you live now

As well as all that will happen next,

Always dependent on us.

Unprecedented act of reading,

We can smile sparingly

But fortunately, all — an indisputable fact.

Fear of death — is just silly.


Of flesh having uniform

We visit the world

Good sense to develop

And the ego will not give.

And taught us long ago

He who watches over us, but

People can not be heard to this day

The voice of one crying in the wilderness …

If you look at the history …

Really need to die

So people trembled, grieving,

Turnover face to the Shrine,

To look inside yourself …

To hear … Even now …

Oh, and science has proven

What is the world our God …

But no one was easier,

After all, people could not understand,

That His law should

Be honest and within,

That only His reward

You will find a decent …

Making understand force —

And it is very harmful, and can do nothing,

There can not be ordered.

But I doubt in the faith,

In the usual manner of the mind,

It should demonstrate

Other facts in this example:

Feeling the mouth watermelon —

He will know the taste of watermelon.

And everybody believes only to those

What sense given to it.

But there is light at the MOT,

That does not explain none

But if you feel you could,

Understand immediately that's God.

Bear a dove dove.

Generates a bird — just a bird.

And the wolf gives birth to a cub,

And the hare — hare only.

Good given good bear,

And feelings — feelings, over and over again;

Go — mind can create …

Just the same — only the mind.

He made from the dust of the planet ..

Gave her to step on the dawn ..

Using just the power of thought,

Created the conditions for life:

That the sun appeared in the sky ..

To all breathe easy ..

So that everyone could go on …

All of this can — only God.

And He's allowed earthlings

Nature's gifts to receive,

He also does not prevent us

Nature that ignore.

But those in the main notice

And my mind Hey,

Removing bans mortal life,

All the information of the Universe

Creator of the hour to answer:

Like a flash of lightning comes

And he was on a life to lead,

And tell all in order,

Not hiding anything

Causes of poverty and wealth will indicate

And the essence and principles of Total …

The snake escaped from a collapse —

Earthquakes start —

For three days before it. (!)

Here is proof

What next world is invisible,

Where before all you can see ..

Where better to take into account all

And … we manage difficult.

After all, if a series of facts

Previously, there is always

The course of events, day and hour …

TAM and preparing for us …

You, if an honest man,

And devoid of dark conspiracies —

Spirit World will present century,

Resembling a dream honeymoon:

Good life, family and home,

Spiritual many gifts

Age of exceptional happiness

And live in tverdovlastya.

A natural result of

We can often expect

And from <accidents> God

Nobody can hurt …

Noticed a cloud of eye —

Expected: coming storm.

Cheat a little —

Expected: LONG ROAD

Thyself and blacken,

Disgrace to be registered,

Guarding themselves from happiness,

Giving the evil at the heart of life;

Welcome are calling for a fight with you,

Clouds are gathering over the fate …

Shows just one example,

To understand the system of measures

Their aspirations to assess

System to apply in life.

Only honest, unvarnished

Currently called the consequences …

What is prepared for you:

Reward … or disaster …

I deserve — first THERE

In the spiritual world is resolved

And the invisible bridge

In the reality of our embodied …

Not external, and peace of mind

Has for the future of value,

And who will finish off the feast —

Bring the soul purification;

Then he goes out fear

And the door opened in the Worlds

Does not give much reason to sleep,

Calling into space to look.


Away from the Earth dimension

The reality seems different:

Nature meets the senses,

Truth silently broadcasts:

It is time to change

And unusual deviations

That we all be surprised

Since all converted.

But recognition of the people

Happily awake

Reaches the correct ideas

And … through death will be transferred …

Strings of St. John —

There is no revelation of deception:

Only angel sounded;

Hour of change for us … broken.

No need to believe in the bad.

Believe in good heart.

Then the poor will not wake up

And the future will call.

Earth has lived and will live

And the evolution of the serve,

And not to see the end …

In essence, the truth of the Creator!

Has decided that the essence found,

Father will send carefully

But to come to a new life

Without the upgrade.

Can not really continents

Work like a laborer:

All fossil forms

Beat imaginable norms …

And no commercial bells

A true life paths

Development of the whole nation,

We are asked to look for Nature;

Have a lot to understand

And voiced sacrificing coin

Reasonable to: change

Form of communication with the planet.

Whose heart strings that listens,

In the heart of the Supreme Spirit is not asleep.

He goes to the Living Ethics

In life the right way find.

Of those people merge mass …

They — the beginning of the New Race!

So there is no need to fear!

Live, radiating light

And seeing as sovyutsya stanza

In the story the earth … not a catastrophe.

In the story there are no major discoveries,

No chronology of events

And what is set out in outline,

While there is only a draft.

Whether such a real rock —

We shall see in the next period,

But now the fate of all

Depend only on us …


Though a man and not a villain

Earth is tired of people

And waiting on God, no doubt,

Continental changes …

Adopted an amendment to errors

Hear the voice of the first violins,

Hearken unearthly words —

Universe broadcasts you:

Poems that spoken —

No man is born,

No human mind unnecessary,

But of a truth by God Himself!

Events called crumbs

At the beginning of the Age of Fire,

How to clean a shower ash

Will be held on Mother Earth …

Stretch, no doubt,

The entire division of for many years,

But the execution of the first hour

Aims to be right now.

Date will not be called,

Around in time to come to pass,

And the day achievements finally

Determine let Father.

Start of the course of events

Eclipse in the current year

We recognize all the signs

In the hour of the appearance of a comet.

At the command of the Forces of Light

Svershatsya God's work:

Begins to divide the planet

The grain and the tares …

First, do not take place for six months,

As zavolnuetsya nature

Era feeling end;

And unusual freedom

Born, as a messenger of Heaven …

Antarctic ice melt

And seeing the joy of flying,

Hear the cry of the bird again

Earth hidden continent.

Science will reveal much,

Incredible now

Truth and honor awarded,

What she did not believe at times.

Kohl mind allows the "what"

Wanting to get the truth —

Has a chance to see what

What do "can not be."

Hedges throwing off the burden

As the time arrived,

Removing tolerance bans

Sphinx will show their secrets …

And the money is all password

The loss of the existing role

And the only honor zaimeet,

Who does, anything he can.

Japan, going forward,

Border banks erase;

Eastern island entirely

Merge back to the mainland.

Under the action of underground charms

Leaves from Africa South Africa …

And an island in the fog

And the islanders will live …

Two deepest furrow

Instantly full of water,

As knife blades will flash

And France is crossed …

Fly over the world a summary:

On the line of Bombay — Nakhodka

Drove over the Tropic of Ulaanbaatar,

Equator said the new path.

All this happens when

Possible expectations of ice

And the appearance of snow

The Australian shores.

Water purged from corruption,

Continents emerge from captivity

Leave the water depths

A land of ancient giants …

Word of Heavenly Father

You can face with irony

His instinct is not to find out

Stupid … but not to consider …

In the Baltic, rotting shells

Of those born out poisons …

Poisoned very region

Deeper he fails.

The planet has become a clean,

All deadly place

As soon as the time will do,

The ground immediately leave.

Some will like a joke,

Forecast forward even for a day,

Not knowing what is coming dawn

And it certainly is not the usual …

Though verse soon people forget

But with Europe … it would be:

Domination will end right

All turn to the islands.

Russia will revive faith

But will become a necessary measure

With a system life goodbye

And in the area to share …

But everyone will understand that it is necessary,

It's time to decide the fate,

And everyone will live very amicably,

As we now do not even dream of.

The entire Asian continent

The limits do not succeed at the time.

But from Kamchatka to the Urals

Will land, as from the Beginning

Before the days of today — one

For the revival given.

And people are wakened soul …

Tropical forests will

And life is rich boil

At Krasnoyarsk plateau …

In all abide update,

Correction of planetary life,

How things change always

When it comes to poverty.

Jupiter, subordinating comets

Glows green

And a new one will be a star …

Not far to the date of the …

Saturn crumble to pieces

And by order of the General Authorities

Shard arrive at Mars …

And also visit the Earth

Particle fierce struggle

Planets line of destiny;

And will the world mountain

And do not find a hero

To conquer that peak

And do not open the door to death …

As for the Americas,

Let be without hysterics

For all the people this message:

Of the Americas will be … six.

Canada will not cover the ice

But at the poles will

In the border are sure

Changing climate for centuries.

And darkness overnight refresh

And the reason someone's Awake

Seeing as there, and here,

In the sky <asterisk> grow.

We will see over the cities

And over the vast fields

Walking across the sky rows

Parades starships …

And suddenly in the sky …

In young bulls, whether Aries, Libra …

In addition to simple cloud

Be upon the faces of all the Saints …

From the East, on the evening of the window,

Will break something, like the sun,

Second power in heaven took,

The usual image of heaven, taking away;

At the time, will not be visible

Earth's companion — Luna …

After shifting of the poles

By the Will of World Fathers

Other land becomes sea,

A solid earth deep otpryanet …

Everything on earth has a life …

Earthlings will be given a lesson

Who was the first and for a century

Learns Russian.


And what is all this necessary?

Why the us <reward>?

Although we do not expect the initiative,

Everything in the world is! the reason …

This time on Earth

Happened to us,

All in accordance with Planida.

And we can say now,

Which is the same with Atlantis was … …

Then nizvergnuvshis into the abyss,

The demise of civilization

Its sea water found ….

Get smarter just does not go

A human individual that remained ..;

In mistake again evolved,

In an effort to continue to heal,

And the black karma filled,

Wanting to serve the lowest ….

And the prophet said,

That he saw the spiritual eye,

And epidemics, and pestilences;

And as people get hassled quarrel

As a result of the earthly world crushed

And evil wars arms …

And so for many years now

All this leaves a trace.

And zrilo eye that bit of land,

Previous how to mutate,

Woe natural disaster fire

Premnogih buried in it;

And people are very false,

Arrogant, greedy, abusive …

Mind and conscience — not alive,

To Acquire yourself getting stronger

Vices of passion and profit,

And … signs of the last days …


Although we was predicted misfortune

And they came to pass at once,

In addition, people flocked,

For what their ancestors have paid …

Also we go again,

Kids for a carry,

Wanting fame, money, power,

And quench the lower passions.

Why should all rush there,

Where then predicted

And do not call the event period

Heaven sent us a prophet;

Why would happen all over again …

Already there is no other way,

Than expose themselves to shame.

Long-planned to fit ..

Indeed, laziness of mind more than once

Led us to the sadness …

We all live in a single day,

Not seeing the meaning of life in it:

Just to spin on the light,

Having money in the wallet.

On brightness of his trumpet,

We want to push themselves

Of the remaining reasonable masses.

Aspirations are — stronger than us.

Desire beat neighbor —

Stinking rot victory

Behind the mask of nobility foreheads,

As death — the beauty of the coffins.

Life is nakatannomu rushes …

And it may well still happen,

What will become of yourself to cry

Sixth shot print.

Earth's strongest test

The nature of the right and do not give,

Since we will be able to curb

Decrees vile desires …

But if the measure exceeds the evil …

It, filling the atmosphere,

Many will go over the edge

And as grow;

And the time will come rotten,

And the dirty live then get tired,

And the mind ceases to grow,

Walls: "Lord, forgive ..!"

The number of natural disasters,

Many robbing shelter

Threatens to become a respectable,

Scale will increase …

And today will be severe ..

And will right theologians

In farewell warning us,

When the hour of trouble …

And the city will fall into the abyss,

Living in evil then …

Whose heart the word of God breathes

That heart hears everything perfectly.

Fire invisible thread

Fall on evil germ,

And then the day will not be clear,

And the sun will be dark red.

And will melt granite,

And evil earthlings cause

Their ozone depletion

And died of drought season

Places all filled …

Fire and hail, rock falls,

And hitting the body of poison

Fall to the ground pain itching.

And will become a burning hell …

Continue as God's judgment

Borders without complying with the century ..

To correcting human!

Gnashing of teeth, wailing and moaning,

Filthy creatures legion

Accompanying the end of an era

For the period specified will come

And spreading terror flashes,

Evil on merit pay homage …

Over many childhood ..

Cannibalism may be born ..

And the air is dirty red ..

And the breath seems dangerous …

Opening of the smartest people

We apply to the trouble

Forgetting about the rule of the oldest:

Spread the love, not hatred.

And the age of significant discoveries

Maybe the Earth will

For an event occurs,

Which is not expected …

The beauty of life will disappear ..

Fall to the ground black

And the world will be darker than dark

At the time of the three sad days …

Rise fires volcanoes ..

Wave-ocean tsunami ..

Will the earth shaking in the belly

Changing the way to the tree of life …

And the everlasting mountains tremble,

Not finding the former support …

And the blood will be a third of the sea …

And many will — to die.

In the heat of a nightmarish whirl

Will pray to the gods of death

Darkness mad folk,

Mechas from the fiery itch …

And after the smoke and the smell of sulfur

Fill all the measures are no …

AGAIN peace be killed …

Only angel sounded …


To make ahead,

That revelation is not lying,

Reasonable to gradually

Just go with the Nature pace;

Then Nature and help

Themselves in evil overcome

And secret knowledge will suggest

To people in the world do not smolder …

Ignorant, dark mind

Backward, like an old tree stump

You can see clearly immediately

It is worth to take a step

And there will be a shame for everyone.

Indeed, from the very first stage show

That mankind stinks

And the abyss black flies.

We have succeeded in iniquity

And every hour, time after time,

Spiritual intelligence use

Only for the purpose of animal.

The people do not have critical topics:

<How to get hold of more money …>

But the collapse of the financial system

Will help a lot smarter.

Wishes of the people of the Earth

It led to the total

And evil will follow Burned …

To alleviate the situation,

Wake up ancient superstitions

Heavenly Father Covenants

And lose all the values

Policy plague the planet …

Not long reign pirates

Come and a time

When Mount bureaucrats

Disappear word <document>.

Can not long prosper

Cruel, hypocritical thief

In the loss of conscience oblivion …

It — nasty for the universe.

Fate would find a turn of the century

The soul of a sick person

And the words will come true Father

About the prophetic signs of the end;

And bound up in horror forever,

Eyes shameless person

Wrest tears flammable river

Seeing the greatness of the Creator.

It would be useful in the silence

Look into the depths of his soul,

Go against fate

And destroy the evil in itself ….

Then the nature of retribution

Will be delayed for years …

But little is heard the call

Karmic simple basics …


First, the action of time,

As people become smart

About the things that were expected

Peoples are prevented.

And the mind of Heaven in compassion

Not the first time gives the message …

But we did not heed either him

Neither myself Almighty;

Do not believe his own heart ….

So wait — because ….

After all appeals were prose

With an open threat to the fate ..

And then we read in part

And … continued as usual;

But Nature has hope:

Kohl's ears on the ground deaf

The people, though he ignorant,

Can feel the poem …

Now the consciousness of the people

Reminds face freak

Rotten opening his mouth

Shouting, "Crucify Christ!" …;

People do not believe anything …

So wait — because …

Warnings were many,

But we do not fear God:

Chernobyl, Sakhalin, Spitak,

Any trouble .., we can

Get rid of the cause does not teach …

So evil — get your …

Flood, volcano, earthquake ..

Any "black" phenomenon,

For anger followed in trace

Giving the Supreme reply:

<People! Wake up! Please! Otherwise shake loose it, What your not seen the light for a period of millions of years …>

We can live with tears

Just blame themselves ..

After all, what happens in life —

The growth of the world's evil goes;

Tends to evil people,

While continuing bad job running,

And after, crying piteously,

Suffering from the scourge of f …

Rapist, thief or bandit ..

Or just a parasite …

Does not live up to much,

Happy — just do not happen;

His illness or stink,

Or mishap kills …

Or for nifty

People come together at the steps

That language <scratch>

And judging, said:

<And this, then, yesterday sdurel ..>

<And that such Okolelov ..>

<Yes, and that would be punished …>

And then — to cry: "I — ill …>

It should be at the source of life, the word …

There is no such law easier:

Which way to live you give —

Just so myself live …

And what you want yourself,

Then even the enemy wanted,

Only the feeling of kindness

Always in space sends.

Stupid show <heroism>

In a fit of nerves twisting,

After all, our evil has the property:

Destroy itself — himself.

Dirt conviction — worse,

What is being created racketeer,

But the right of all to themselves deserve:

Sad to leave this world …

Aspirations of our dead

We must get rid of quickly,

So in the life of the new generations

Grew less <animals>.


Punishment will be a man

Who fuck up your same age

The desire for idle pleasure,

Despite all warnings;

Craving for power and wealth,

Lying, pride and gloating;

Wanting to be known to all

And agreeing to be honest,

Deciding how to live happily with (?)

Alas, that can not be.

In the minds of ignorance, destruction …

For my transgression against the Spirit,

For crime in the Nature

His pet rock;

For that money — higher honor

For envy, for the desire for revenge,

Indulge your thirst for passion

It is time to pay …

Initially be great fear

Manage sick soul

People lose their authoritativeness …

Gospel comes publicity

And dirty is like drunk —

Broadcast of <peace and security>

In the hour of punishment earthlings …

Out of nowhere will moan

Bells and chimes

World laws falter

And many people will wake up.

In the sky all will see a cross.

Of all the places it will be visible.

And everyone is aware of God

And a lot of themselves know.

The truth will come as law,

Tread in the air words

That people will be surprised

And what happened to doubt.

Dishonorable will crowd

On the Supreme Court, like the slaughter.

And it is not casual.

Although people are silent mouth

But surely many thought

That of Christ's teachings

In fact — little is left …

Did not open us up to the village

Cause of life ugly,

But soon the pain will explode in the body

From each of our dirty thoughts.

When zamolknet just laugh

See also his every sin

And being in amazement,

Freeze for up in a daze …

Will be the case,

That <can not be>

Where you can not believe

And intelligence is not measured.

Accelerated for all retribution

For laziness of mind, a thirst Zlata

Perversion of Shrines,

For the senses — taste, as wormwood.

Almost no one does not know,

That many will pay with blood

For evil thoughts and for

That equated sex with love …

Even heard bells ringing,

Close to another disaster.

Always! Everywhere! He expressed —

One, Regal Act:

Causes and Consequences of the …!

Do not respond to anger with anger …

Our God showed the way,

And only with the mental thinness

It may be the way to roll.

Naively expect light up

The one who does not keep honor

And from what God asks

Within itself does not …

Kohl will not hear these lines,

That may be dying

Have many on the planet …

The living will … only third.

But even someone who is blind and spiteful ..

And in the Book of Life is not made,

That God is small, but similar,

And maybe even saved:

Return the secret that was stolen,

In himself repent of their sins,

Wash everything izmarali,

Not to stay … in the cold.

Feeling the animal fear,

In itself it will cause.

Correct since it works —

Cancel so their demise.

Who knowing the nature,

Wants to see the essence of it,

He wins, being of good cheer,

At the beginning of the spiritual path of the struggle …

Business is not to be horrible!

If we hurry

Try to wash the soul,

Unyav povadochki animals …

No need to be afraid because karma!

For God can bestow upon us,

Kohl try try

In the desire to win karma … (!)


Whose heart hammer zadyshit,

That heart heavenly voice heard,

Listening to the fiery words

That the Spirit of Heaven broadcasts you:

Hills all new star

And the world, christened with water

Honestly who would live in it,

Held a baptism of fire …!

And the essence of things change path.

Spatial fire blow out

Can not the spirit of evil.

He will be deposed off

On very many years,

As it was before, and — always.

Someone who will believe Heaven,

Decides to appease the desire to "beast"

Nature can teach,

How to mitigate the effects of fire:

Turnover face toward the Light

And conscience call for an answer,

And endure brutal battle

Inside, with himself.

And my heart will be anxious

But it must be through the "impossible"

Although it is firmly rooted,

Making the mind does not do evil.

Nature to spare,

Themselves not to be pitied,

And with the pain "bit between their teeth,"

In all the evil overcome.

Of all the familiar world order

I recall a fact known to all:

Two forces, or two countries,

When not snog,

And come out on the warpath —

Faster is recovering.

Understand perhaps all the nations,

That there is a Law of Nature:

Where to begin to fight to the death —

There is easy and mind develop.

And God, believe me, he wants to,

People to understand the law,

Inside I would use

And life is thus preserved.

In whom be designated struggle

Moreover in order to understand the faith

Insight will fate

And the strength and knowledge — above steps …

But before all this is to give

By the seriousness of the situation

God wants you to experience

Hardness of decisions …

Revile you and will beat

Often unfairly judged

Will laugh, slander

And to everyone behind grumble …

Ignorance is afraid of knowledge,

Of knowledge tends to trample;

As everyone suffering

People have experienced.

And the pain will cool in the eyes,

And the heart in blood tears

Bathe in the path …

But all will see the holy Bird —

Face to turnover,

Help all bear

And much to be forgiven.

And just so you can more

Gain more power …

Understand it — not difficult ..

Shorter path — not found.

Who decides on the line path

Find the power — not collapse,

Wait until the pain her kill

And pure intentions trait

As Silushka Holy drunk,

Will open the gates of … things … …

The key to the lock gate is kept

In every soul there lurks

To the most famous of those long

When shown to reveal

And go into space space …

Dispensed Force spirit of large

And with a winning spirit

Going way …. With the steep zigzag ….

And further stagnation visible.

In the end — it is a World Flag.

Much power is given soul.

Wearing a crown on the head ..

And dedicated to the song sung ..

And gave her the power of knowledge

The nerves of the universe … great!

Possession by the power of Heaven,

Mighty! Stellar! Netelesnoy!

Ahead of others of their own kind

Gets people

Deprived claims evil.

Him! Reverend solutions

The authority is given for ever will be!


Equal for all our world is.

Since you'll be able to understand it,

You will be awarded the honor

Creator in his chest to take.

Only need a heart to believe it,

Do not do anything bad,

And in my thoughts, feelings, dreams, covenants

The whole point of what will be revealed.

After all, the black curtain fell,

And those who had slept peacefully,

Life became interested.

And we can safely admit that,

What is the essence of things Penetration —

Of the greatest revelation.

All the World — a solid network of energy.

Suffice it senses diligence

And logic: find the grain,

That we planted in a long time,

What lurks in our life,

And if it germinates,

What happened was not even dream.

Everything in the world is moving away.

For this is not the end of the visible at one time.

It has everything in life rotation —

Annular values.

To achieve the desired outcome,

The man lives a lot,

So that the soul may evolve

One desire: to become!

You should not crave a result,

And to show more knowledge,

After showing off — the road to hell …

But do your best efforts,

So that the "beast" in the heart of lime

And focus the attention

To Overcome the way!

If the young to

My chest will light the lights,

All wedding prepare light

And those families are strong.

Prophesy can not concealing:

Creator born family

Gives birth to all her children

With wit and clarity of ideas …

As salt collapse in the water —

So evil dies in an environment

What is called the fire …

All evil simply die in Him!


Order can not be bought, sold,

What does God want to give the award;

Hearken, ye people finally

That the children's father says:

<Among the many now trust my sons were born, given to them to hear and understand, and apply the word to the cause. Sometimes Feel the thrill .. else will and sleep .. but all his desire for me to prepare to turn. And the children are sleeping over. With a message from me, a messenger was sent to wake up and doze off in the way the winning outfit. Son is like the law of eternal grasp … keeping, be able to achieve much and be the conductor of Fire …>

Now … who understand the Word of God —

I do not find any other way,

How to fan the spark of flame

And get a true banner …

Now … who remained silent until now —

See the true berth

And my heart immediately light up,

And everyone in the neighborhood will light up …

And existing only reason

What touches us death:

Temples of Russia will not burn —

So all the prophets say.

Some big damage,

From whom will the world suffer

For loyalty decisions

And will allow us not to wait …

In all, he will always help!

Save sons — Law

Who has the heart is not dark …

The whole matter is mortal, but …

If the word brought

And mud mind is not listed,

Though sometimes did sin,

You're going to anyway … Saved!

Should lose angry thoughts

And convictions daily …

Only dead burned,

With us dolphin speak …

Continue a reasonable race

And all the people rejoice,

That there are no people with machines,

Brass knuckles, mines and grenades …

And very quickly, people are

The world will appreciate its beauty,

Disappear lust, laziness and arrogance,

Tobacco, drugs and alcohol abuse …

Born many prophets

Among the sons and daughters;

Many vices will disappear

And the shower-like beasts.

Will not fly and other reptiles,

And the rats and fleas, and embezzlers;

Not visible in the future official

Policies and troubles culprit;

No more bureaucrats

Military and party players;

From the Earth to disappear State

War and other savagery;

Will not be in a life of documents

<People servants> presidents and ..;

But God will rule the planet,

And he will try to understand,

Without sadness dead leave

And the heart of a new take.

But to live a better cost,

It is the last time:

It's time to start a fight with him

And be seen by fate …


Happens when the path traversed

And the devil is defeated in the feelings,

New born in the world

And happiness for a living planet

Then hug each

On a very long year …

And people will move to the ground,

To eat it on the table,

And a lot of good yield,

And so myself and all save …

Who Internal call

Gone from the stone cities

Who would believe the word of God,

Tom and God help ready …

World will cease to be two-faced,

And the world will be monolingual,

As they say the flowers of the field

In the rays of warmth and kindness …

Once it is less evil

Under the current of God's heat

Dispelling the dregs of life,

Change the time of its essence.

One morning at dawn,

On vernal, joyful pore

Hear how the Earth sings,

And we gave all of himself …

And he opened the heavens

Miracles will happen

With all those who believe in them

And to attract others …

Women will amaze:

Will operate successfully;

They all appreciate the honor

And life will change for good …

And tears of joy for many

We, the good and the stern,

Involuntarily flee from the eyes

And internally cleanse us.

Dimension of the space is not one,

Everywhere it is different,

And the line of what is to come,

Earth just move;

It will become our life is full

At the time of the eternal years and days …

Our planet will blossom

Appear normal acquire,

And all will be going on at once

According to a Human decree.

True reach our foreheads.

In the end — even the growth of teeth

And the color is just what I want

Abide will manage …

Change and human sleep:

Looks like it will be at rest,

When consciousness is awake,

A vigilantly followed along.

And in fact, radiation

Do not let the tentacles on the body,

Although harm us, and should,

But it will not be terrible.

Who will be in Russia on a visit,

Tell the world in the news:

In Russia, everything is done globally

And all the people there — brilliant …

And the thoughts of most people

Achieve true ideas

Glimmer of light of a kingdom

Without death, fear and drugs …

Just change the structure …

The forests will culture:

The trees will drop all unnecessary

Many zaplodonosyat …

When the evil Earth forgiven

That will be born

Grass only this:

She — not hay, no wheat,

But be it bready flour.

And will see in the dark

And people are adults and those

Who just came to the door

And the life of a true find.

And the thing the owner will lose,

And all only ever be enough

And souls will pickings

And no cemeteries and churches …

Life will color other colors:

Like the fairy tale characters

And other "miracles" to match,

People learn to fly …

Will not be difficult in the depths

Stay on the ocean floor —

When the whole body is obedient,

Then he does not need scuba gear.

On the lands of Russia's future

Coming birth of the Messiah

In the hearts of people for years tyschi

Proclaiming the Spirit Light …

And to a Russian

Spiritually could soon rise,

Hearts firmly and forever

Russian and East akin.

And every man in his lifetime

Will not know the problems with housing …

Earth from evil only otryahnetsya,

And every house there.

Even have a lot to learn,

Though all have to build again,

Energy problems

It would not be on Earth at all.

All nations will serve the good

And with gravity zadruzhat;

Homes, towns, cities …

Then fly through the sky.

For life will cause

Vanished medicine;

Due fields, forests ..

Everyone will be able to be treated myself.

As soon as the people of the Earth,

Passing that behold,

Living God will call,

Desert that hour come alive …

The idea will gain another rule:

Dressed in fleshly form,

It shall be exalted above the body …

And the story, becoming the real deal

In the routine of the day will

And status were takes.

Nationalities will not be

And the mind forgets race,

And people will be like a bird —

Without state border …

When the rights of their own, smeleya,

Enter the Age of Aquarius,

Old properties DNKa

By modifying slightly;

And under the influence of fire,

From what has been indifferent,

Prohibitions shall the armor

And people will see the world clearly.

The number of heart revelations

Reduce the harmfulness of doubt

Eyes of the world will see many

And everyone knows the mind of God …

Indeed, in every man there,

What spark Bozheyu called;

And the one who loves the word "honor"

The spark — the flame will develop;

And who is to truly know

In his heart subsided falsehood

For this is not difficult to be aware of:

That was, is and will continue to …

As a ray of sun on the wet roof

People receive the gift Over

Educational Progress

And the burning Spirit interest;

For increased attention

Comes maturing consciousness,

And the consequence of such gifts

Coming unity of all worlds …

Since there is no death in the Spirit …

As will be clearly visible light

Like Christ, and of all other

Behold <resurrected> we loved …

When up the holy heart

Fire will be engaged to the end,

Then all will be clear

What is now — incredible …

And at the request of the hearts,

Our teacher and our Father

In the future, will allow

By the fate of the control …

Who dream health dream

He can also heal,

And learning the truth Light

Find all direct response;

After expiration days

In the minds of all the turn over,

And wake up dormant …

It will become our life long,

And we know all about it …

In whose soul curbed <animal>

Besides all the open door,

He cheerfully laughs

And to win is called …

It is not a prison, and scrip …

Order so do not touch,

A goal of the heart and mind

In a single line will merge.

When will all the Ah-and, oh, and,

Initially future era,

As the souls lower die

Will the birth rate in advance;

The people of Earth will grow

And the glory of good works,

The account will be able to approach

By nine, with nine zeros.

Perhaps many guess

That children will come into being

From infancy cleverer than grandfathers,

And everything is … not meat eaters.

New earth rise

And the mountains, rivers and fields …

The whole nature of change

For the life of the new nation …

And tell the World Almighty

<Become a master of the winners! Objects, wood, and every beast … take no prisoners now …>

It would not be much of machinery steel,

And people will not be sick,

And the last vestige of the body

With hands disappear middle finger.

And there will be a paradise on earth …

And people will live in the warmth …

And who wants the good of all,

Get the same for ever …

And notice the brilliance of nature:

In the woods, on a bed in the garden …

No one hour, this is not oversleep.

Truth will rise in the people,

And evil is no longer in vogue …

And the devil is a bit … AGAIN

Only angel sounded …


Wake up! And the horn.

Hear what God wants:

<Anyone holding these lines on my own … So do not suffer, my Heavenly Lessons I ask people to send. People have not heard, fake … They do not help even a whip. About power, vindictive and deceitful .. About those I shall be sorry …>

If you look at the life of mature,

We will see such a thing:

The law bureaucratic <Labor>

The corrections are always;

But since many millennia

God's laws do not require

Even the slightest change

Amendments or additions.

This says a lot.

And if the dead burned,

That would save the life of an honest

The law and the Supreme Court!

Events soften the road —

Nature in the right order,

Now if we can God

Possible help provide:

And every day, in the heat and cold …

Not pass through itself

The evil that so hurry out,

We are pulling irritation;

Number of the world's evil

This will substantially decrease,

Will fall to the lowest number

And life will not be violated …

So the physical world tamed

Measured the length and breadth,

But spirituality — has not been studied

And far from consciousness.

We see life only fifteen

Percent of his brain;

On the other, I must admit,

We do not know anything for sure.

And the fact that the brain while asleep

Carries the essence of the universe,

And those who accept it all,

Ready to start a spiritual path.

And God will help to survive

In the uncharted path …

And God will help to hear:

Where, why and how to go …

Who hears and decided to learn

Who are honest in thought to myself,

One to the life in the Spirit will direct

And be chosen destiny.

Knowingly given these lines:

People have time to read them

Could learn for life

And then … there's still time.

The laws of God in whom live

Who cherish the truth of life,

In order to account not called

And the Court — not to be …

And he who being prezlym,

Unto the world but did not find,

That his behavior

Earthly honors deserve …

And the earth is full of life becomes.

For this you can be calm,

Strive to live in it,

Strive to be worthy of the …

PS Is it a fairy tale or a delusion?

Or the light of the future?

Without going into verbose,

Read again the foreword,

There — the correct answer …

Shushenskoye — Average Shush
1997 — 1999 GG ~ m1-way/lnisp1.htm

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