Europe and America are drifting apart. PHOTO

British diver made fascinating underwater photos that show the growing gap between the two giant tectonic plates

During his swim through the area of extreme natural beauty diver explored canyons. Briton sailed between two tectonic plates.

36-year-old Alex Mustard (Alex Mustard) plunged 25 meters into the gap between the North American and Eurasian plates near Iceland.

This area is full of moving apart, valleys, volcanoes and hot springs, arising from the fact that the plates diverge from one another by one centimeter a year, researchers say.

Mustard swam far enough, when he and his partners dive swam in the waters of the canyons Silfra (Silfra), Nes (Nes) and Nikulasargya (Nikulasargja), located at a depth of 60 meters, says

He also took photos of the "pillar" Arnares Stritur (Arnarnes Strytur), which forms a "cloud" on the pen as the 80-degree water is ejected from the earth's crust and is found with a cool four-degree sea water.

Alex Mustard from Southampton said: "These photos show diving in the unique underwater world of Iceland, which is formed by volcanic landscape of these places. Diver for this exciting places — because here you can sail through the clear water and explore the fault lines in three dimensions," says researcher Mustard diver.


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