Europe mows unknown mutant virus

Colony of E. coli under a microscope. Photo from

In Germany, 17 people have died of intestinal infection

It turned out that the Europeans in a hospital bed sends not Spanish cucumbers, and the mutant strain.

According to the World Health Organization, the strain of E. coli that is sent indiscriminately to the hospital bed of people in Europe, was not known previously reported referring to AP.

As shown by laboratory studies bacterial antigens, it is a strain that had never become a cause of human disease. He had not previously been detected in analyzes, and is a mutant containing the genes of two different types of E. coli.

According to an expert on food safety Hilde Kruse. new strain has "a number of features that enhance the virulence and the production of toxins."

That is infection, acute renal failure, central nervous system, and in general is a threat to life.

Now the infection, which began in northern Germany, was struck by more than one and a half thousand people. 17 patients have died.

The cases were imported from Germany, registered in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and the UK, and their number continues to increase.

The source of infection remains unknown. Reported that E. coli found on cucumbers imported from Spain, but laboratory tests have shown that this is a different strain. However, many countries, including Russia, have suspended the import of vegetables from the EU.


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