Europe threaten killer waves

Scientists: Tsunami may soon occur in the Mediterranean. But our experts do not believe

In the next three years, the Mediterranean offers a devastating earthquake and tsunami. With such apocalyptic predictions made by the Italian and Egyptian scientists. In particular, the element of danger to Egypt and throughout the Middle East (see chart), the professor, a specialist in the study of seismic processes in Cairo Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, Ahmed Ali Badu. Scientists say that in the Mediterranean can be a tsunami. Photo justifies his findings published earlier opinion of colleagues from Germany, indicates that the situation in the Mediterranean may soon change due to tectonic processes taking place there. Badu says that in the course of studying the history of earthquakes in the last 4000 years, experts have concluded that Egypt 21 times significantly affected by the tsunami following the shaking.PREDICTIONS. The appearance of the predictions about the killer waves — a familiar thing. This time they came after the devastating tsunami in Japan. Such was the case in 2005 — after the December 2004 tsunami flooded the South-West Asia (particularly badly hit Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia). Then the weather did Spanish and French scientists. Expert in geology from the University of Provence Michel Villeneuve pointed out that in the Mediterranean — the main source of seismic activity, the area of contact between the Eurasian and North African plates, stretching from Morocco to Tunisia and Sicily. However, according to the Paris Institute of Earth, the tsunami in the Mediterranean over the past 2,000 years, there were as many as … 20. And most of the known cases, the scientists are very ancient times.Where it may be considered dangerous tsunami.Uchenye Greece, Cyprus and Turkey.Still, they are possible. Some scientists believe these forecasts spectacular game on the public. "Making predictions on earthquakes and tsunamis — a thankless thing, serious scientists usually do not do. Usually they are not met. I suspect our western colleagues to justify the funding of their institutions, hence the strong statements, "- said the scientist, seismologist Geophysics Institute of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who asked not to indicate his name. Call date for such forecasts can not support his Ukrainian counterpart, Deputy Director for Research of the Institute of Geophysics, National Academy of Sciences Alexander Kendzera. "My colleagues are correct in that the Mediterranean — indeed seismically active area. But not all earthquakes cause tsunamis. Only those in which there is a shift in the vertical large blocks. In the Mediterranean, moved by earthquakes blocks smaller than near the coast of Japan, for example. Tsunamis in the Mediterranean are not excluded, but their amplitude will be much less, "- said the scientist.BLACK SEA ALSO at riskThe most interesting is that the tsunami happen in the Black Sea. "There have been observed tsunami of up to three meters, — said the deputy director on scientific work of the Institute of Geophysics, National Academy of Sciences Alexander Kendzera. — However, in the Black Sea is very highly fragmented crust, so there are no conditions for the emergence of huge tsunami. By the way, most of the three-meter tsunami occurred closer to Turkey. And on our part, they reach a height of 1.2-1.7 meters. "Indeed, the cases described in the stories confirm the words of the scientist. For example, the tsunami struck the coast of the Crimea after the earthquake in 1927, but the height of the waves was about one meter. A Russian laboratory of the Institute of Oceanology of the tsunami in the early 2000s, published a brochure entitled "Tsunami in the Caspian Sea," which to assess the probability of wave height of 3 meters in the Caspian and Black Seas.


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