Europe will become Siberia. Cause of the present conflict — Emergency climatic catastrophe?

Scientists continue to argue: we are waiting for global warming, or the world is on the threshold of the next ice age? And what if inhabited territory suddenly become parched desert or ice "Ice Age is inevitable, but in a few thousand years, — says Vladimir Polevanov, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences. — Then in the polar latitudes grow huge ice caps. When they — that too is inevitable — early-peas to thaw, the huge mass of water "will result" from glacial lakes and flood including Eurasia. This will be another Flood, the water level in the ocean overnight rise by several tens of meters. "However, according to scientists, local, but dramatic climate change could happen in the next few years for a different reason: because of the stop of the warm Atlantic Gulf Stream. Today it "heats" home "golden billion" — North America and Europe.We in clover

Cold and denser Labrador Current dives under warmer and easy Gulf Stream comes up the coast of Spain called the Canary Current (who has been in the Canary Islands, knows that there is a sudden cold for this latitude). There it turns to the west, across the Atlantic, is heated, turns into the Gulf Stream and heads north. Power of the Gulf Stream — 50 million cubic meters of warm water per second, a million nuclear power plants, which are completely free heat the USA, Canada and Western Europe. The average temperature for the Finnish Helsinki — almost 7 ° C heat, and in Yakutsk, located on the same latitude — minus 10 °. In Berlin, the annual average temperature — plus 10 ° C, and in peer-latitude Novosibirsk — near zero. Gracious and warm climate saves West trillions of dollars in infrastructure, construction materials, fuel, collects huge harvests.And it depends on the density of the Labrador Current, which is now only a tenth of a percent higher than the density of the Gulf Stream! As soon as the density equals, the Labrador Current to dam the Gulf Stream on the way north. That the process will be extremely sharp, confirmed by the data of the previous cold snaps, obtained during the drilling of ice in Greenland. The air temperature in Europe in a few years will become a Siberian.The mechanism of "stove" has already begun crash. Litmus test that has accelerated and allowed to make out this already started and inexorable process that was the accident at the BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010. Millions of gallons of special chemicals to combat oil spills were added to a billion liters vylivsheysya the ocean of crude oil. Satellite data were then shown: Gulfstream began "decay" is off the coast of North America. The result has been an abnormally hot summer of 2010 in Russia, droughts and floods in different parts of Europe, the massive floods in China, Pakistan and other Asian countries. In place of an abnormally hot summer came an unusually cold winter, in Germany two months held steady snow, intense cold covered England, etc. Last winter on the canals of Venice came the ice.



Controlled chaos?The reality still does not know so many people, data suppressed. But let's look at the actions of the world's elite — the people who make the decisions. Ostensibly because of "showdown" between Ukraine, Russia and the European Union, the inadmissibility of gas dependence of Europe on Russia began construction of several new pipelines, "Nabucco", "South Stream", "Nord Stream", etc. With the current temperatures and fuel consumption in Europe, some of them just do not need.In this same "Nabucco" can be filled only with Iranian gas. In connection with this disappointing outlook for Iran: The West will seek there the victory of "democracy" and guarantee gas supplies. If necessary — and then using the "peacekeeping" carpet bombing. Exactly the same happened in the last year with another uncontrolled owner of vast reserves of raw materials — Libya. Muammar Gaddafi does not seem to realize: for the West chaotic at first glance, the interference in the internal affairs of the countries of the Greater Middle East — it is not a whim, but a matter of life and death. By the way, today's energy supplies from Libya are under reliable priglyadites multinational energy companies.Where there is no oil, there is another important reason for the transfer of these countries under the external control of the "civilized" nations. Yields on both sides of the Atlantic will soon begin to fall dramatically — from 80-60 quintals of grain per hectare to 10-15 quintals. The U.S. and EU will be forced to sell, as they are now, and to buy. Western moneybags already buying, where they can, fertile land. Where they beat China, such as in Sudan, as "suddenly" start civil wars and revolutions. One should not think that Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen flared because their residents suddenly overnight decided to live in a new way, in a democratic way. The fight is even barren desert land — because after the "off" the Gulf Stream suitable for agriculture will be, for example, large areas of North Africa.And what about Russia? From climate change, we win. Since stopping the Gulf Stream in the North West will be cold, but most of the central and southern regions, including Siberia, will be more suitable for agriculture. Will become even more popular our energy resources. There remains, however, the question of who will be by the time control of fertile land and production? Are hate Russia as an independent supplier? And if you are not ready, if we can resist the Western moneybags and the "love of peace" of NATO? By Alexander Kolesnichenko


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