Evrodrova of plastic waste will be produced in Tuva

 Tuva allocate power in 2013, seven million rubles for the creation of small businesses, which will dispose of mercury as well as produce from the various waste plastic products and environmentally friendly fuel — evrodrova, according to the regional government.

Funds also will be used to create the layout of waste throughout the country.

Environmental contamination of household and industrial waste is very relevant for the region. Currently in Tuva produced about 250,000 tons of solid waste, which are 72 illegal dumps area of 247 hectares.

In the second half of this year will launch a line for the primary processing of plastic waste. Crushed and washed plastic will be supplied as raw materials for enterprises of Novosibirsk and China, producing plastic products. In the future, the investor, to purchase additional equipment, plans to launch production of plastic in the republic.

For safe disposal of mercury vapor contained in the energy-saving and fluorescent lamps, special equipment will be purchased to create specialized processing plants of this type of waste.

The authorities would also help in Pii-Khem district processing plants in new filings for the Republic of fuel — evrodrova (sawdust with a heat close to coal). Also develop a scheme that will contain comprehensive data on the situation of waste for each settlement and the list of activities required to normalize it.

Total for this purpose will be allocated seven million rubles within the Republican program "Waste management in the 2013 — 2020 years."

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