Expert: Earth moving solar storm, be careful

PETERSBURG, June 9. On the Sun there was a powerful flash with a giant plasma ejection. Space Observatory GOES-15 has classified it as M-2, 5 (second class of the three). Flare was accompanied by huge coronal mass ejection is that the burst of high-energy protons and streams. Powerful explosion with a giant plasma discharge lasted 25 minutes.

As the weather forecasters Gismeteo, outbreak occurred more June 7. However, the flow of high-energy particles travel at the speed of 1400 km / s, and a glancing blow to the Earth's magnetosphere, they inflict on 9 and 10 June.

Magnetic storm is expected, over the poles light up auroras.

What is this "solar storm" threatens people, explained "Rosbalt" senior lecturer in astrophysics SPSU Nicholas Topchylo.

"In fact, on Tuesday the sun quite a large outbreak occurred, which means that today or tomorrow we can expect its impact on Earth — St. Petersburg confirmed the expert. — The flow of particles from the Sun moves along a helical path, so he comes to the earth, and how much it will cause resentment, depends not only on the strength of the flash, but also on what hemisphere of the Sun in an uproar. While in the west, as in this case, it comes. "

"When the particle flux at the Earth, there is a disturbance of the ionosphere. I would not exaggerate by outbreaks occurred: they simply have not had enough, and now solar activity is on the rise, so that lie ahead and much stronger emission convinced Nicholas Topchylo. — Speaking the language of science, this outbreak of class M2, and the last solar cycle, we observed the flash and class X10, and this time is 80 times stronger. So nothing extraordinary happens. "

"With regard to the consequences for the inhabitants of the Earth, then, again, no need to be afraid. Possible violations of the communication of the navigation systems. Magnetic storms can affect the well-being of people so sensitive to such events in the near future people better take drugs and try not peretruzhdaetsya not nervous, "- expert advice.


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