Experts predict a new powerful Tokyo earthquake

Earthquake aftershocks of magnitude 7.3, which can happen in the next few years in the Japanese capital, will be more powerful because the focus is on the occurrence of 10 kilometers closer to the Earth's surface than previously — such findings released Wednesday experts Ministry of Science and Education of Japan.

Until now, scientists have relied on the fact that the focus of the earthquake occurrence of magnitude higher than 7 will occur at a depth of 30-40 km beneath the Japanese capital. New calculations have shown that the source will be located closer to the Earth's surface to 5-10 km.

Experts from the Ministry for the past five years were collected and analyzed data sensors installed in 296 locations of the capital.

According to previous forecasts, the number of victims of the earthquake in Tokyo could reach 11 thousand people, the economic damage was estimated at 112 trillion yen. Now, these forecasts will be revised.

It was previously published data showing that a major earthquake of magnitude higher than 7 may occur in the Japanese capital in the next four years with a probability of 70%. Scientists point out that a major earthquake was more likely due to the increased seismic activity in the area of Tokyo after the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11 last year.

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