Exploding Star

Over the last hundred years, generations of astronomers created a fairly coherent theory of stellar evolution. Billions of stars that make up our galaxy and other galaxies are grouped into classes and types, deciphered the main features of their internal structure and development.

In determining the basic physical properties of the star (mass, luminosity, spectrum and so on), astronomers can quite accurately determine at what stage of the evolution of the star is, what kind of nuclear transformations occurring in its interior, and what will be its fate. The possibility of observing stars are continually improving as the creation of more sophisticated tools, such as the Hubble Space Telescope, and these observational data in general good agreement with theory. But, as they say, and in a stellar family has its black sheep — there are objects that have no desire to fit into the Procrustean bed of our theories and classifications. Rather, it is about supernovas.

From time to time in our and other galaxies amazing things happen. One billion is nothing special notable stars suddenly, as they say, out of a clear sky explodes, flashing brighter millions (or even billions!) Suns. For example, Chinese astronomers noted in his records appearance in 1054 in the constellation of Taurus "guest-star". It was so bright (brighter than Venus), so that there was the same day for a few months, then gradually faded.

Today in this place in the Cosmos telescopes observed extensive gaseous nebula, slowly spreading through limitless cosmos. In shape it resembles a crab, why, and was named by astronomers Crab. Rate of expansion of the nebula, that is, the expansion velocity of its constituent gases of almost 1000 km / s, indicating that the monstrous power of its superior explosion. According to estimates of astrophysicists in the supernova explosion energy is released about 1050 erg. To select an amount of energy our sun, radiating every second 1O33 erg need to shine three billion years!

Supernovae — a rare phenomenon in the universe, yet at times they are recorded by astronomers. So, a few years ago, the attention of most astronomical observatories operating in the Southern Hemisphere, was drawn to a satellite galaxy of our Magellanic Cloud, where there was an explosion of a supernova. This is not surprising. The fact that this is a non-trivial phenomenon in the universe can not predict none of the proposed "natural" theories. Why suddenly explodes one of the many completely identical in all respects, the stars, no one can say. Theorists can only create a model how the process of a supernova explosion, but WHY he begins his, so to speak, provokes, why is this becoming a supernova star, and not the other is the same, which of the stars should point the telescope to fix the state star just before the explosion and the very beginning of the explosion — it can not tell anybody.

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