Explosions in ammunition disposal shake Bira village in the JAR


Birobidzhan, October 31, EAOmedia. On 24 October, daily p.Bira Obluchensky district Evreyskoyavtonomnoy Disposal of ammunition. According to local residents, the village is spread every hour for five or six "shocks." As RIA EAOmedia Birsk in the administration of the urban settlement, the explosions will be heard in the village until the 24th of November. Local residents have expressed outrage in an address to the Vice-Governor Gennady Antonov, reports Trend. RIA EAOmedia.

— Work on the disposal of ammunition go every day from 10.00 to 17.00 or 18.00, even on weekends. Recycling is a part of the agreement, signed by the Government of the JAR with "Baltika Outpost plus."

To us from the very beginning there have been claims of explosions, people call and personally come because explosions of very high power. The people in the houses pours plaster, old houses, of course, there will be the foundations to crack, in the ambulatory fallen glass, so that the inhabitants of many yet to come. Despite the fact that the tabs are made according to the standards, we think they should be reviewed.

Residents have appealed to the Ministry of Emergency Situations. In the government of the 26th, I personally drove a letter to Vice-Governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region Gennady Antonov. It locals describe the situation and expressed their concerns about the possible destruction of housing. Planned metering blast.

Today, yields are reduced, but they are still quite noticeable, — said Deputy Birsk urban settlement area Obluchensky Irina Vinogradova.

Settlement administration appealed to the representatives of JSC "Baltic outpost plus", responsible for organizing recycling Rashid Usmanov. He referred to the sound effects, all the rest, he said, in the normal range.

As it became known RIA EAOmedia, vice-governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region Gennady Antonov October 29, is on leave.

Recall, on April 27, 1997, when residents of the Jewish Autonomous Region celebrated Orthodox Easter, a duty officer EMERCOM in EAO was informed of a huge fire at a military ammunition depot in the village of Beer. The fire began to massively explode stored on the ammunition. In connection with the dispersal of shells at a great distance a real threat to life and health of inhabitants standing near villages.

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